• 18/06/2024 18:02

The Russian Federation launched “Shahedi” across Ukraine: in which areas they will inform about the threat

The Russian military launched a drone-kamikaze of the “Shahed” type from the side of the timely occupation of the region they are this evening, 17th quarter.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a message on Telegram from the ZSU Air Force.

According to the data from the ZSU Air Force, strike drones flew near the surface area of ​​the Donetsk region, flew near Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions. In addition, another group of drones flew from the side of Zaporizka to the area of ​​Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions.

The ZSU was also informed that a new group of “Shaheds” was flying through Zaporizka region heading towards Mykolayiv.

> The Russians regularly attack Ukraine with “Shaheds”

Russian armies regularly launch attack drones of the “Shahed” type into the territory of Ukraine. In the rest of the month, the number of attack drones with which the Russians are trying to attack regions of Ukraine has grown.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces “worked” on kamikaze drones between the 15th and 16th quarter. That same night, the enemy stationed 9 kamikaze drones for the attack, launching them from Chauda Missa in occupied Crimea. The combat robot from the attack was thrashed in the territory of six regions.

“All nine “Shaheds” were reduced by mobile fire groups of the Ukrainian Defense Forces between Kherson, Mykolayiv, Khmelnytsky, Poltava, Cherkas some Dnipropetrovsk regions

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