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The Russians are trying to create a buffer zone in the Kharkiv region, – ISW

The penetration of Russian troops near the town of Vovchansk Kharkiv is apparently fast regions to learn about those who are Russian The military gives priority to the creation in the region of the “buffer zone”, and not to deeper penetration deeper into the edges.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a message to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Analysts have not yet recorded confirmation that the Russian troops crossed to the fresh bank of the Vovcha River near Vovchanska or its nearby surroundings. On the 12th of May, the Russians hit the bridges across the river right at the entrance and exit of the place, and on the 13th of May they began shelling the bridges across the river and logistics routes near Vovchansk itself. As a result, the newly ordered Defense Forces lost only two additional bridges across the Vovcha River at the borders of the place.

The ISW was unable to clearly establish why the Russian army was targeting the bridge itself, and whether the aggressor needed it to cross and ensure stable logistics across the river and further offensive operations in the depths of the night in the Kharkov region . The Institute admits that it will be possible to confirm the lives of the Russian armies in the unfortified area on the evening of Ukraine.

In addition, on the night of the 12th of May and on the day of the 13th of May, All military forces also transferred armored vehicles to this area , they attacked Vovchansk with an uninstalled number of tanks.

“The explosion of armored vehicles in this area is evidence of those who will quickly overcome the Russian troops, but it seems that the stinks will not change their minds in order for this victory to be achieved on the flooded birch of the Vovcha River in depths of the lower part of the Kharkiv region. for those Russians, apparently, are trying to create a “buffer zone” in the border zone instead of pushing deep into the Kharkov region or directly to Kharkov,” says ISW.

Buffer zone

Previously, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and other Kremlin officials have repeatedly advocated the creation of a “demilitarized buffer zone” in occupied Ukraine to protect the territory of the Russian Federation from Ukrainian attacks. On May 13, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov directly linked the creation of such a buffer zone with the activation of Russian offensive operations for the day in the Belgorod region.

Ukrainian and foreign officials also recently announced that the Russian military may intend to create a 10-kilometer buffer zone in the Kharkiv region. The Institute of Warfare has informed that such a zone will immediately bring the Russian troops closer to the city of Kharkov within the reach of cannon artillery and will bring the main Russian logistics centers within reach and what type of artillery.

One of the Ukrainian military commanders expressed concern that the strengthening of the ZSU in the Kharkiv region was not removed from the international border, which allows the Russian troops to leave lean forward rather shallowly. At the same time, the higher command recently announced that the Defense Forces had created a multi-layered defense in the depths of the region, which is based on the evidence of other military commanders.

“The current rate of penetration of the Russians is not guarantee of continuation of the further offensive of the Russian army. and saves daily reserves for rapid success in this direction,” says ISW.

Situation in the Kharkiv region

On May 12, the Russians began an offensive in two regions going from Kharkov. The aggressor hit over 30 thousand troops in the offensive operation.

During the remaining booty on the Kharkiv direct, the defense forces defeated 13 hostile attacks near the Vovchanska area and low other settlements. The military clear out the forgotten place, stop the fighting.

The military aggressor will continue to advance in the Kharkov region, consolidate on the occupied and reserve positions.

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