• 19/04/2024 01:37

The Russians attacked Kupyansk-Uzlova in the Kharkov region

An elderly man was injured.

The Russians attacked Kupyansk-Uzlovoy in the Kharkov region

shelling of Kupyansk-Uzlovoy

The Russian army attacked from artillery Kupiysky-As a result of age.

This was reported by the Kharkov police areas. “On April 3, at about 11:00, the Russian military fired at the village of Kupyansk-Uzlovoy. As a result, a man born in 1954 was wounded,” the message says.

The victim was taken to the hospital. Currently, an investigative team, forensic experts and explosives experts are working at the hit sites.

Law enforcement officers opened criminal proceedings for violation of the laws and customs of war.

  • The Russian army struck with two missiles with two missiles “Thunder E-1” on Borovaya, in the Izyumsky district. As a result of the shelling, educational infrastructure was damaged.


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