• 13/04/2024 09:59

The Russians hit the Khmelnitsky region with missiles, low places without light

There were faint sounds of vibukhs in the Khmelnitsky region.

This is reported RBC-Ukraine with messages on Suspilna.

As a result of the attack in Khmelnitsky, Shepetivtsi, Starokostyantyniv, Krasyliv and many other villages there was light.

Attack on Ukraine 22nd birch

In the night on 22nd birch not the Russian military large-scale attack on Ukraine with missiles.

Close to 4:00, the Ukrainian forces of the Ukrainian Defense Forces announced the launch of missiles by Tu-95 strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea region.

This year, vibukhas were mooning near Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk y, Poltavsky, Zaporizhzhya regions.

Zaporizhzhya collapsed under the missile attack.

Kharkov lost 15 power plants and lost power.

Terms and important information about the war against Russia Read about Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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