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The Russians increased the number of assaults on several villages on the front, – ISW

Over the past two years, Russian armies have increased in number and scale of machinery The calling of ground assaults on several plots of land at the front. This is a noticeable increase in the number of Russian mechanized assaults in the entire theater of military operations.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a letter to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) ).

It appears that on 20 February the defense forces repulsed the great Russian attack on Limansky directly. Obtained geolocation footage showed that the Ukrainian military damaged or captured a number of Russian armored vehicles as they retreated from the village of Terni.

Next, you are making efforts to defeat the 30th of February Russian battalion mechanized attack near the village of Tonenka on the way to Avdiivka. In this attack, the Russian military involved at least 36 tanks and 12 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), of which the Defense Forces lost 12 armored tanks and 8 infantry fighting vehicles.

The ISW assumes that Russian forces have carried out only one other mechanized attack of this scale along the entire front line since the beginning of the Russian campaign from the burial of Avdiyivka in the year 2023, which also occurred Bilya Terniv 20th week.

On the public 3rd week Video with geolocation shows how the ZSU repels a strong platoon mechanized Russian attack on the city of Terniv.

“In this way, the Russians can activate mechanized attacks even before the spring period with snowy weather, which complicates the conduct of maneuver warfare. In addition, the Russian troops can also activate mechanized and attacks to speed up the shortage of Ukrainian material resources until the arrival of a new source of help from the security sector” , – available from ISW.

Intensification of the advance on new plots to the front

Ukrainian military observer Kostyantyn Mashovets noted the ongoing transfer of equipment by the Russian military to a special warehouse at the forefront in small batches, which makes it easier for the Defense Forces to monitor the acquisition of Russian forces. The analyst admits that the Russians are preparing for larger-scale assault operations.

At the same time, according to ISW, US Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said on the 3rd quarter that, based on US estimates, Russia is “might likely to updated from the military “for the remaining few months. In his words,

“The Russian Army is preparing and, obviously, already has enough manpower and equipment for the necessary intensification of ongoing offensive operations or the beginning of offensive operations in new countries.” “Ilyanka Theater of Military Actions,” said Campbell.< /p> Situation at the front

In the third quarter of the year, 54 military operations were reported at the front. Ukrainian soldiers repelled an attack by Russians near Andriyivka near the Luhansk region and attacked the enemy's electronic warfare station.

Fighters of the special unit of the National Guard of the Ministry of Military Affairs of Ukraine “Omega-1” smashed a column of armor Techniques of the Russian occupiers in a similar manner captured the video from the drone.

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