• 23/06/2024 21:21

The Russians plan to give the citizens of the occupied territories an electronic notice, – CNS

Russian authorities plan to release the occupied territories of Ukraine from 1 leaf fall electronic news.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with a message to the Center for National Resistance.

As reported by the Central nervous system, the Kremlin authorities have adopted a resolution on the work of the Unified register of the military branch, apparently 1 leaf fall for the people of the occupied territories of the conscript century empower electronic notifications.

Such a notification must be handed in these days after it is placed in the registry.

“Now the skin bag THAT human status after 1 leaf fall will be an evildoer and will be subject to prosecution for failure to appear to the Occupation Military Committee. Even the majority of the population of the occupied territories does not have access to the Internet, and thus the ability to view information about their electronic news,” the CNS stated.

Russia conduct mobile phones. interest in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Guess what, we were previously informed , so that in the hourly occupied Mariupol, grassroots Russians will begin to mobilize.

Also, the news in the central nervous system reported that the Russian zagarbniks in the occupied territories of Ukraine are preparing to be called up for service in the army of sublime soldiers. For this purpose, the formation of lists is being completed.

Before that, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky recently announced that the Russian Federation is preparing additional mobilization of 300 thousand people. Behind the yogo words, the Kremlin’s plans for the Kremlin is mobilizatsya may be up to 1 worm.

Termini that is VIDALIVIA about VIINA ROSIA ROSENARY READ IN KANALI RBC-Ukraine in Telegram.

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