• 15/04/2024 16:59

The Russians shelled the Sumy region 45 times for spoils, 254 were hit

On Saturday, 30 February, the Russians carried out 45 attacks on border territories and all settlements in the Sumy region. A total of 254 vibukhs were recorded.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from a message sent to the Telegram channel of the Sumy Regional Military Administration.

The shelling was recognized by Khotynska, Yunakivs ka, Bilopilska, Miropilska, Krasnopilska, Velikopisarivska , Novoslobidska, Shaliginska, Esmanska, Glukhivska, Seredino-Budska, Znob-Novgorod communities.

  • At the Velykopisarivska community there was heavy shelling from a grenade launcher (LNG) (4 shots), a mortar ( 28 vibukhs), artillery (24 vibukhs), RSZV (16 vibukhs), shelling of a UAV (FPV-drone) (3 vibukhs);
  • The Krasnopilsk community dropped UAVs from the vibukhov installation (VOG) (2 vibukhs) and artillery attacks or (15 hits), mortar shelling (3 hits);
  • At the Shaliginsk community, the enemy lost 8 minutes with artillery (4 vibukhs) and mortars (11 vibukhs);
  • At the Novoslobidsk community, the Russians lost 8 minutes;
  • At the Znob-Novgorod community they lost Foreign fire (2 vibrations) and artillery shelling (3 vibrations);
  • Khotinsk community: shelling of a UAV (FPV drone) was recorded. (1 vibukh);
  • In the Esmanian community, the enemy hit the RSZV (7 vibukhs), mortars (20 vibukhs). There was also shelling from the armed forces;
  • The Russians lost 16 minutes at the Middle Buda community;
  • In the Yunakivska community there were mortar shellings (24 hits);
  • Miropilska community: mortar shellings were recorded (32 shots);
  • Bilopilska community: the launch was canceled and uncoated aircraft missiles from a helicopter (NAR) (10 vibukhs), dropped from a UAV vibukhov (VOG) (2 vibukhs), grenade launcher attack (AGS) (10 vibukhs), artillery shelling (2 vibukhs);
  • Glukhivska community: mortar shelling (7 vibukhs) ).

It seems that an X-59 missile was found near the forest in the Sumy region. The police showed a video of her destitution. So, after the police officer of the community Ivan Kovalenko discovered a missile, police officers from the technical department arrived at the place.

In addition, schedules will also be introduced in the Sumy region emergency turn on the light. The OVA stated that the decision to turn off the lights in the region will be based on the supply of NEC Ukrenergo.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on the RBC-U channel region on Telegram.

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