• 13/06/2024 13:45

The Russians shelled three communities of the Sumy region with aviation, drones and artillery

50 explosions were recorded.

The Russians fired at three communities of the Sumy region from aviation, drones and artillery

On March 24, Russian occupation forces carried out 12 shooting attacks.

This was reported by the Sumy Regional Military Administration.

50 explosions were recorded. The Belopolskaya, Krasnopolskaya, and Velikopisarevskaya communities were shelled.

The enemy hit Velikopisarevskoe with a mortar (17 explosions) and launched an NAR airstrike (6 explosions).

The Russians dropped a VOG on Krasnopolskaya from a drone ( 2 explosions) and fired at the community from artillery (6 explosions).

On Belopolskaya, the rebels carried out airstrikes with unguided missiles (8 explosions) and guided air bombs (3 explosions), and also struck with artillery (8 explosions).< /p>


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