• 12/04/2024 19:37

The Russians will not repair the damaged corvette “Askold” near Kerch: satellite images

Russian zagarbniks do not repair the small missile ship “Askold”. There was devastation near Kerch under the hour of the strike on the Zaliv plant.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via OSINT analyst MT Anderson on Twitter (X).

The analyst published Satellite photos for the 2nd year 2023 and 30th year 2024.

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According to the OSINT analyst, the images do not show daily changes at the station of the Russian military ship. After the attack on the Zaliv plant near Kerch, the corvette was not repaired.

“It seems that the Russian fleet cares that it can be corrected, in what terms – the power axis, in what we are to blame. Perhaps they will give us evidence ?” – the analyst wrote in the comments under his publication.

Missile strike of ZSU on Kerch

Guess what, 4 leaves fell at the time of occupation of Kerch in Crimea, vibukhs sprouted.

Russian fire guards told about the prototype robot rubbish defense. Recently, the Ukrainian military announced that the defense forces hit the Zaliv shipbuilding plant near Krim.

As a result of the attack, the bows of the Kalibr cruise missiles were damaged, the corvette Askold, which the occupiers were planning to launch and enter before warehouse of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation at the birth of 2023.

The Department of Strategic Communications of the ZSU noted that the Defense Forces inflicted severe damage on the enemy ship. It was concluded that “Askold” was definitely beyond repair.

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