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The Senate believes that the Republicans have been pushing for a cordon agreement for days, – CNN

Republicans in the Senate can soon please the cordon, regardless of the pressure from at the side of the prickly president Donald Trump.

This was stated by US Democratic Party Senator Chris Murphy, RBC-Ukraine reported on CNN.

“I am confident that we will still have enough Republicans The Senate, as they want to bring the problem to the forefront, and not just follow Donald Trump’s statements, but we will certainly last for the next 24-48 years, which is true,” Murphy said.

In his words, he is already ready bipartisan convenience, the text is being further examined. The senator also admitted that the republican activists want to keep the border “chaotic” for political purposes, but still predict success in the future in the coming days.

“I hope that enough Republicans in the Senate are going to join us to praise this bipartisan legislation, potentially sooner than later, and we can show that Washington can still stand up and deal with With these great problems, Donald Trump is rooting for chaos “, – adding Vin.

It appears that Murphy is one of the leading participants in the negotiations, who is actively pushing bipartisan interests about the cordon, which may open up additional funding for Ukraine, which will be praised by Congress.

< p>What was blowing

The strengthening of food supply to the US border over the past few months has become increasingly discussed in the US Congress. Zokrem, the republicans sought changes in legislation to include radical proposals to protect the border with Mexico. In exchange, they promised to support the provision of aid to Ukraine and Israel.

According to The Wall Street Journal, US President Joe Biden agreed to strengthen immigration policy in order to overcome criticism and to ensure aid to Ukraine.

< p>It was also reported that during the ongoing discussions about closing the border with Mexico, Trump was trying to put pressure on the Republicans so that they would not encourage further assistance to Ukraine, since this could somehow boost Biden’s ratings.

T They started erecting a fence near Texas on the border with Mexico. Governor of Texas Greg Abbott stated that he is ready to protest against the federal government in order to protect the US border from the influx of migrants.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RB channel K- Ukraine on Telegram.

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