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The “Shahedi” fighters flew right up to the closing cordons: Ignat the details of the night attack of the Russian Federation

On the 29th of today, Russian terrorists attacked the territory of Ukraine with kamikaze drones and balls istic missiles. The “Shahedi” fighters reached the last cordons of the country.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this by sending a message to Yuri Ignat, a riverine officer of the Military Forces of the ZSU, in a telethon.

Behind his words, we will continue none For some days, one must be wary of such a “quiet” Russian aviation.

“This is connected with various officials – it is clear that the enemy's orders are up to date, as well as the activity of aviation depends on the weather their minds. However, at night the enemy still pushed in before the attacks.” , – rospov Ignat.

So, this night Russia launched all the “Shaheds” and several missiles across Ukraine.

Rechnik noted that as a result of equalizing the number of military forces today and yesterday, the 28th, the stink is practically identical without any delay in the wind attack.< /p>

“There were also 8 attack drones of the Shahed type, 3 S-300 missiles and one Iskander-M missile, not two, as it was the case. The direct attacks of the S-300 were based on Donetsk, the Iskander-M Poltava region, Kremenchutsk district. This is what the city government is talking about, about those who call for business, the enemy is going to attack there,” Ignat said.

Vіn having confirmed that last night the occupiers had also frozen all the drones iv-kamikaze, ale I decided to beat the chotiri. This is explained by the fact that the occupiers themselves attacked the front-line zone – actually along the line of defense.

“Today’s geography of the “Shaheds” was large – a few of them reached the last borders of our state. And finally – all the poverty was in these regions, which we have already learned about. These are Mykolayivska, Zhytomyrska, Ri vnennskaya and Khmelnytskyi region,” adding the riverman of the Povitryanikh forces .

Night attack in Ukraine

On the night of 29 September, several regions of Ukraine were struck by a state of alarm. Missile problems were widespread in the Mykolayiv and Kherson regions. After the collapse, the problem passed to the Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya regions.

Also for the Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions there was a threat of stagnation of the ballistic formation.

The threat of stagnation attack drones were for the incoming and outgoing regions Ukraine.

Three S-300 missiles were launched across the Donetsk region from the occupied territory.

The Russians launched attack drones from the Primorsko-Akhtarska region of the Russian Federation. As reported by the Military Forces, all drones have been reduced.

PPO forces have reduced all hostile UAVs between the Mykolayiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Khmelnytsky and Rivne regions

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