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The situation at the front is important, but in Ukraine you can find out the answers to the blog, – Danilov

The situation at the front is important, but in the war everything is developing in rapid dynamics. However, Ukraine knows the sub-videos for all clicks.

This was stated by the Secretary of the RNBO of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, informing RBC-Ukraine in a message sent to his Twitter account.

“The situation at the front is important, but there is no static in the war and everything is developing in rapid dynamics. You can work ten years ago, and then we will work two years forward,” he said.

Danilov emphasized that Ukraine will know the answers to the calls that are going to happen – and in this regard elegant hunger”, i with replenished reserves, and with Russian missile terrorism.

“The government will, at its end, go through all the necessary democratic procedures and the complications associated with them, reorganize the economy, change strategies and approaches and “give glad” Russian economy, which is equal to the budget of one American state,” he said.

Aid to Ukraine from the USA

With one of the most urgent needs, the US Congress is deprived of new funding for assistance to Ukraine.

Recently, the US Senate approved a bill for 95 billion dollars for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan Yu. Zokrema, they want to see over 60 billion dollars to help Kiev.

This is a document of formality, which may still be supported by the US House of Representatives. Earlier, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson promised that after considering the funding of the lower house of Congress, Congress would turn to providing food assistance to Ukraine.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on channel R BC-Ukraine on Telegram.< /em>

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