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The situation is bright: substations are under attack near the center and near Kharkov – outages

In the Poltava and Lviv regions on the night of the 9th quarter, energy supplies were attacked kti. The Kharkiv region has a light switch-off today.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via a message to the Ministry of Energy on Facebook.

It is noted that during the past year, through the barriers low-water season graphs have been stagnated turn off at Kharkivska region. Today in the Kharkiv region, schedules are also turned off.

As the Ministry of Energy reports, at night the enemy attacked a high-voltage substation near the Poltava region. There was a fire there, without harming anyone, but the equipment was destroyed.

A high-voltage substation near the Lviv region was also attacked, and the equipment was damaged. There are no casualties.

Also, due to technical failures at the high-voltage substation near the Lviv region, the flow of electricity was disrupted (there was no damage to the traction line) and industrial facilities. At the same time, the generation of the solar power plants was reduced. Over the course of the year, the power supply was restored to all residents.

Lighting situation in Ukraine

It is important to note that the burning season in Ukraine has ended, and it was possible to pass without turning off the light.

Prote at Bereznya Russia has renewed its attacks on energy. After mass attacks, there were power outages in several regions, the most important situation was in the Kharkov region. The lights are still turned off there frequently. Apparently, the region was seriously damaged by the Zmiivska TPP.

In addition, at the hour of the attack on the 22nd of February, all units of the Burshtinska and Ladizhynska TPP were damaged.

Prote at the Ministry of Energy, ki no We are talking about turning on the lights for the entire region.

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