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The State Deputies learned about Ukraine’s strikes on the Russian fleet in the Black Sea

The US Department states that the Ukrainian Defense Forces are responsible for the attacks on the Russian Black Sea from the fleet, Due to the current depletion of the great landing ship “Cesar Kunikov”, the possibilities of the occupiers in the Black Sea have been limited.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as sent to the Voice of America.

Behind the words representative of the US foreign policy department, the “fact that the Russian fleet cannot operate in the Black Sea forever” demonstrates a fundamental change in the strategic position in the Black Sea region.

The American official added, that the Russian Federation has already spent twenty hundred ships of its Black Sea Fleet.

Commenting on the liquidation of the Russian airborne landing complex “Cesar Kunikov” by the Ukrainian soldiers and the permanent abandonment of naval drones, the Derzhdepa noted that “these drone strikes in the Black Sea are gray chill to the right.”

Having also added that this was achieved “throughout the ingenuity, supported by the allies and partners of Ukraine, of course, but in fact, Ukraine has adopted a creative and technologically advanced approach to the asymmetrical path, so as to change Create a balance of security in the Black Sea.”

The official noted that this change in the balance was important for the fundamental element of support for Ukraine from the side of the States, which is aimed at accommodating the development of the Ukrainian economy and ensuring that Ukraine independently supports I washed my wine.

“And the stench “We couldn’t achieve anything without strengthening the Black Sea Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet under threat,” the representative of the Derzhdepu suggested.

Depletion of the airborne landing complex “Cesar Kunikov” on the 14th of February

It was previously reported that on the 14th of February the Frenchmen have begun expand information about those who swelled near the Alupka area of ​​the immediately occupied Crimea, and, to save themselves, attacked the landing ship of the Russians.

It seemed that there was alarm on the ship, and then the local residents felt a number of vibrations.

Piznishe The General Staff of the ZSU confirmed that on the shores of the time-occupied Crimea there was a great landing ship occupiers “Cesar Kunikov”. At the time of the attack, the ship was in the territorial waters of Ukraine near Alupka.

The GUR showed a video of the sinking of a Russian landing ship, which indicated that it was attacked by Magura V5 naval drones.

More details about the successful attack of the Ukrainian soldiers on the ship of the occupiers – in the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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