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The tactics of shelling Mikolayev are identical to the forward attack on Odessa, – ZSU

Russian troops used similar tactics during today's missile attack on Mykolayiv during the shelling of Odessa the day before yesterday, 15 bereznya. There is an expectation of a second strike on the site of the first, with minimal damage to the hour.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via messages sent to the Telegram of the Ukrainian National Defense Forces.

The military clarified that during the week of the conflict, Russian firemen hit an infrastructure facility in Mykolaiv with ballistic missiles, releasing 2 missiles from the occupied Crimea, most likely Iskander-M.

“Tactics of the and identical to the front blow on Odessa: hitting one missile, for a few seconds they repeated the attack in the same place,” says the operational command “Pivden.”

Legacies of the attack on Mykolaiv

As a result of today’s Russian missile attack in the area, civilian buildings and civilian buildings were damaged and cars.< /p>

We will immediately know about 5 wounded muscle bags.

“Regular emergency services are in place. The final information is being confirmed,” the military added.

Vibukha near Mykolayiv

It was previously reported that today, the 17th of February, near Mykolayiv your vibugs lulled. Later there were repeated vibrations. The local government reported that the local government has two “arrivals.”

The ZSU forces warned about the threat of ballistic strikes immediately that day. The current alarm was voiced at the gathering, on Sundays, as well as in the central and northern regions.

Later, the local authorities informed that as a result of the missile strikes on Mykolaiv, there were already five casualties reported.

Missile attack on Odessa on the 15th of February

I guess, the day before yesterday, on the 15th of February, the Russian occupiers fired missiles a new blow to Odessa. When the army and medics arrived at the scene of the shelling, the Russians struck the place again. The interventionists attacked Odessa with Iskander-M ballistic missiles.

As a result of the shelling near the town, a three-way building of a recreational facility was destroyed, at least 10 private buildings, a service station, a gas pipeline, Swedish highways and DSNS were destroyed.

Besides, as a result of the attack, 21 people died, and over 70 people were injured, as well as those who were in the important camp. Among the dead are DSNS soldiers and doctors.

Additionally, after the shelling in Odessa, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klimenko instructed to analyze in detail the current instructions for the response of emergency services to superordinate situations, and change the robotic algorithm whenever necessary to improve the operational situation .

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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