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The troublesome enemy of Ukraine. Who is Andriy Belousov and why did Putin take over Shoigu?

Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin dismissed Defense Minister Sergius Shoigu, who It was 12 rocks long . At this point, the importance of Putin’s great deputy prime minister and his economical policies, Andriy Bilousov, is being revealed. RBC TV channels -Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following were used: publications of the Russian independent newspaper “Layout”, Bloomberg, The Times, statements of recent politicians, the post of the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak on Telegram, commentary by expert Vladislav Seleznyov. p>


  • Shoigu has been released. Who is the replacement
  • Who is Andriy Bilousov
  • How should the world react in Ukraine
  • What does the replacement of Shoigu with Bilousov mean for Ukraine

Shoigu was released. Who's the replacement

The previous evening, Putin submitted proposals for candidates for planting ranks of security departments. Among those who were asked to be rerecognized, Defense Minister Sergiy Shoigu was not dissatisfied.

We will crown him by decree of Putin, recognizing him as Secretary of the Radbez. This planting of 16 people was captured by Mikola Patrushev, one of the security forces closest to the dictator. The reason for the removal of the rest is the transition to another robot.

According to Russian legislation, the secretary of the Radabez is appointed without consultation, so the personnel decision was immediately due to ceremonies. The candidacy of Shoigu's defender – 65-year-old Andriy Bilousov, who is the first defender of the head of the order and formerly Putin's economic ideologist – will be discussed at the Federation Council on May 14.

In this way, most security forces will save the plantings. The Minister of Internal Affairs Volodymyr Kolokoltsev, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SSR) Sergei Narishkin, the director of the FSB Oleksandr Bortnikov and the head of the Russian Guard Viktor Zolotov are being re-recognized. Takozh on the ministry of the bagotor-navigation of the law enforcement officers Sergiy Lavrov.

Putin explained the need to change the defense minister because the ministry may be open to innovation, the promotion of new ideas and the creation of minds for economical competitiveness. They themselves decided on Belousova, appointing Kremlin representative Dmitro Peskov.

“Today on the battlefield it is the one who is more open to innovation, who has more criteria for the most efficient implementation. And therefore, naturally, “At this stage, the President made a decision so that the Ministry of Defense would be protected by civilians,” he said.

At the same time, Peskov added that Belousov is not just a civilized person, but also a great Minister of Economy and Putin’s assistant in economic matters. It is important not to change the military warehouse, as indicated by Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov.

It is also clear that Shoigu will immediately dismiss the Federal Service from the military-technical spying and not Putin’s defender at the military-industrial commission .

Who is Andriy Bilousov

The Russian independent publication “Layout” calls Belousov Putin’s economic ideologist. It was important that it would be important for Putin to join forces with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

It is clear that we credit Bilousov for the economy of the war, and not for the Christmas tree on the map” . The situation at the front is in the hands of the General Staff, and the new Minister of Defense is keeping an eye on the front.

As “Layout” writes, Bilousov is an adherent of the mobile economic model, he is in favor of Put’s trust It is also possible to grab money “. With his arrival, the priority will be the optimization of military expenditures.

Apparently, the Kremlin is dissatisfied with Shoigu over the war against Ukraine, which has dragged on. In addition, waste and ambition played against him. And Shoigu was “on the leash” due to the corruption scandal in the ministry. Significantly, at the end of the war, the intercessor of Minister Timur Ivanov was concerned, who owes over 1 billion rubles (over 12 million dollars).

Andriy Belousov is ahead of us as an economist. Russian snakes mean that they learned a lot from their father Rem Belousov, who was one of the devotees of the head of the head for the ministers of the SRSR Oleksiy Kosigina. The merits of the upcoming Minister of Defense include those who brought the idea of ​​Russia to the Russian Federation, connected with the symbiosis of power and the market.

Before such a personnel decision, Putin often follows history and is guided by the example of the former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamary, writing to Bloomberg about the situation in the Russian Federation.

Being Minister of Defense under presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s, McNamara, during the war in Vietnam, reviewed military purchases to improve efficiency.

Bilousov, including Shoigu, come to the Ministry of Defense without military clearance. As Ukraine begins to withdraw tens of billions of dollars in new aid, Moscow faces the problem of maximizing military spending, which is growing to historical levels. Nina stink is estimated at 6.7% of GDP, approaching the same level as the USSR lost money during the Cold War in the 1980s. The economic crisis became one of the main reasons for the further disintegration of the Radyansky Union.

“Bilousov's appointment is a sign that the Russian economy is transforming into the Russian economy,” a senior scientist suggests to Bloomberg vrobitnik Carnegie Endowment for International World Andriy Kolesnikov

How to react in Ukraine and the world

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda calls the recognition of Bilousov as Russia's Minister of Defense a key to prolonging the war in Ukraine. In my opinion, there are no illusions that the Putin regime is preparing for any peace negotiations. Obviously, the Kremlin dictator is trying to take the initiative of the war as much as possible.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps says that Shoigu is to blame for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Russian troops and the suffering mass population of Ukraine. Instead of recognizing the minister as an invader, the Russians are taking away another “Putin puppet.”

The head of the Presidential Office, Mikhailo Podolyak, appreciates that personnel rotation in Russia is Read about the residual the transition of the region to “military communism” with totalitarian militarization of the economy and the deployment of the army to ensure an endless war.

On a yogo duma, it is possible to call to the dashboard of the Armysko -Koruptzi, Yak Rozkvail for Shoigi, that post -pushed vidaviangovanny Grupi Mikoli Patrushev, Speak about Narostannnya Ned Prilli Warmly Putin Vertical.

“Vysnovok: Russia is still self-isolating and is planning to scale up the war, expand its formats, and at the same time re-adjust the economy to operate in government-deficit formats, so as to otherwise ensure a sharp increase in The elite warehouse. Whatever the situation, there are no viable options for Russia to turn to an adequate global processes, and therefore any negotiation formats are impossible,” Podolyak suggested.

What does the replacement of Shoigu with Belousov mean for Ukraine

Russian language The military launched a new offensive in the early hours of the Kharkov region. Putin reiterates the determination to reach the minimum level – he will constantly want to visit Donbass. Thus, the unsupported change of minister signals the dictator’s resolve to mobilize the economy for a difficult and intense conflict, the view says.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) agree that Belousov’s conviction is connected with preparations for an even more protracted war. Vin has a reputation as an effective technocrat and has been involved in the development and production of unmanned systems. The focus on technological innovation, it goes without saying, will be extremely valuable for the Kremlin. Putin believes that Bilousov will press his case in order to combine federal economic policy with the Ministry of Defense program and further mobilize the defense industry.

The Times calls the change Shoigu on Belousov is one of the largest personnel changes in Russian rule for the rest of the decade. And the most obvious reason is the waste of goods among the armed forces and the incompetence of the next minister. According to military analyst Rob Lee, the new recognition reflects the need for the best manager of the bureaucratic apparatus of the Ministry of Defense.

“Putin’s meta is to promote the efficiency of production and optimally satisfy military needs. In this context, Bilousov makes a logical choice,” quotes a senior scientific researcher at the Eurasian Center for Carnegie Russia Te I pull Stanova.

Viysk expert , a long-time riverman of the ZSU General Staff, Vladislav Seleznyov, said that Shoigu’s release is stuck in the military process, and it’s far from being favorable for Ukraine.

“Since Shoigu has become isolated in the face of corruption, which has overwhelmed the Russian Ministry of Defense, Bilousov is a true technocrat,” he learned from RBC-Ukraine.

Vin also guessed that B ilousov Since the 1990s, he was a member of the so-called “group of immortals” – a foreign political association, the basis of which was formed by Glib Pavlovsky – political strategist of Putin and Viktor Yanukovych in the 2004 elections.

In this manner, more than anything else, Bilousov will focus on the upcoming transformations. First of all, in the created favorable atmosphere, the Russian middle class prefers to serve in the army. In other words, on the concentration of the activities of the Russian defense industry between the transition to military time.

“We are a rational people who do everything in order to maximally militarize the economy for the dry military period . Russia In order for the campaign to be successful for Moscow, the Minister of Defense is appointed as the one who knows how to work in such a way as to show that the armored forces of the Russian Federation are not cool, and on the other hand, to mobilize them. onomics,” said the expert.< /p>

In Seleznyov’s opinion, Bilousov will insanely become a dangerous enemy for Ukraine.

“It’s not for nothing that I predicted his fate in the association with Pavlovsky. Political technologists know how suspense processes are carried out. They shape trends and ruins, so I think that all my knowledge should be directed towards the implementation of two missions, as I said,” he added.

Terms and important information about Russia’s war against Read more on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram

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