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The United States initiated a $50 billion aid package for Ukraine, – Bloomberg

Receipts from the States initiated Ukraine's vision of a new package of financial assistance from up to 50 billion dollars. Washington is discussing this initiative with the G7 countries.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

According to the White House plan, most of the funds will be allocated for revenues from frozen Russian assets , the main part of which is stored in the countries of the European Union. The US Department of the Treasury confirmed the fact of negotiations on a new package of financial assistance.

According to Bloomberg, the initiative is transferring the transfer of funds to a coalition of countries, as the US plans to you. The American side wants to sign an agreement in Italy on the territory of the “Great Family” at the heart of the matter. The agency's spivrozmovniks do not include that negotiations with whose food may last for several months.

Vikoristanya assets of the Russian Federation for the needs of Ukraine

Z From the first days of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukraine called on the countries of the “Great Family” and the European Union to freeze Russian assets and transfer their assets to the new warring country. However, Ukrainian diplomats faced low opposition from European and American politicians.

For example, last year the United States proposed confiscating 300 billion dollars of Russian assets, but so far the plan has not been possible wait a minute. The supply transfer to Ukraine was also seen as a gain that would allow European banks to withdraw from the frozen assets of Russians.

With this year, May 3, it became clear that the edges of Greater Simka no longer see the conf Search for Russian assets. G7 is looking for less radical options for wasting Russian pennies on Ukraine's gain

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