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The United States is destroying China's support for Russian aggression within the G7

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says the US is concerned that Beijing is helping Russia ii awaken your military industrial base for waging a war against Ukraine, in collaboration with their G7 colleagues in Italy this year.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via communications to Reuters.

“Over the past few months, we have been working , that from China to Russia, materials were moved, which Russia was using to renew its industrial base and the production of weapons that appear on the battlefield in Ukraine and we are actively turbocharged. m,” riverman Matthew Miller told the State Department at a briefing for the press.< /p>

In the coming years, Blinken may be expected to visit China, where, according to Kirby, the Secretary of State will destroy Beijing's support of the Russian military-industrial complex. The same problem was discussed at the meeting within the G7 in Italy this year.

“Without getting ahead of these friends, you can, of course, realize that it can ruin the food,” Miller said.

China's support for Russian aggression against Ukraine

About what China is delivering to Russia. at the end of the past fate, having informed the Pentagon. Zokrem, it was about drones, gunfire and confusion.

Prote China sings that it will not deal with the lethal armor of Russia.

In the city of Derzhdepa, the United States said that, among other things, Supporting China on the side, the Russian Federation may have again restored its strength.

The American Ministry of Finance ahead of banks and exporters of the People's Republic of China about “serious inheritance” in helping to increase the military potential of Russia ї.

The Chinese are now armed, they respect the value of the military-industrial complex of the country, waging an aggressive war against neighboring powers, including the loss of civil infrastructure and killing peaceful citizens, “normal in the future.”

For the rest of the time , based on US estimates, China has sharply increased sales of Russian machines, microelectronics and other technologies, as Moscow, in its turn, is developing for the production of missiles, tanks, aircraft and other Oi zbroi for the war against Ukraine.

Read terminology and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the channelRBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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