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The United States launches satellites into orbit for hypersonic and ballistic weapons

USA Space Forces launch six satellites into low-Earth orbit from space new launch complex at the station at Mission Canaveral (Florida).

RBC-Ukraine reports this to the US Space Development Agency (SDA).

The agency's statement states that today's launch plans include two satellites for the Missile Defense Agency's (MDA) hypersonic and ballistic space sensor (HBTSS) and several satellites of the SDA Tranche T0 level.

The most common satellites can be delivered into orbit by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of the National Security program Space Launch.

“This launch is a key moment for MDA as we enter a new phase of missile, missile, and defense development. These HBTSS satellites are a significant step forward in our efforts to outpace our adversaries,” said MDA Director Lt. Gen. Heath Collins. p>Missile Armor Satellites

The US Space Force, MDA and SDA are working on the HBTSS development as a prototype space sensor demonstrator that provides clear fire control data necessary for military current missile threats.

The Agency's statement states that these data are “of utmost importance” for ensuring the strengthening of missile defense, including the strengthening of the hypersonic defense “phase of engagement” – it is about accelerating the launch to the reduction of additional Wow, HBTSS allows you to maintain control over missile threats during launch Before the recapture, there will be no need to move around.

According to SDA Director Derek Tourney, launching satellites into the same orbit with MDA HBTSS satellites “is a win-win for both agencies.”

“We can simultaneously monitor the test target from the same orbit to see how two sensors operate at the same time. Tranche 1 SDA has a different sensor type as an operating system – from the middle field of view, which demonstrates there is a fire bath, based on the HBTSS design, and with with a wide field of view, what is the result of the advance and fastening, based on the design of the T0 fastener,” – Rozov.

Features of the program

Operationally, the missile defense capabilities developed through the MDA HBTSS demonstration program inform the PWSA SDA and detect hypersonic, ballistic and other advanced threats before, below ground-based radars, securely given and the release of hypersonic threats for transmission through the associated missile defense system.

The SDA adds that it is based on the successes of the fire-propulsion techniques derived from HBTSS.

Launch of satellites by the US Space Force

The US Space Force SDA previously launched 23 Tranche 0 satellites into orbit in 2023, including the Space Force's Vandenberg Space Force satellites. The two Tracking Layer satellites that will be launched from HBTSS under MDA were delivered by L3Harris Technologies and are the remaining satellites in the Tranche 0 program, although the orbital grouping reaches 27.

Missile Defense Agency States initiated the HBTSS program 2018 birth. At the beginning of 2021, MDA announced other details about the transaction with L3Harris Technologies Inc. і Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Space the United States' efforts to launch satellites behind hypersonic and ballistic armor (photo: SpaceX/sda.mil)

The US reaction to the Russian Federation's intention to send a nuclear weapon into space

Previously it was reported that through Russia's intention to accommodate nuclear danger in space, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, gave information about a serious threat to the national security of the United States.

It was also reported that the adviser to the US President for national security, Jake Sullivan, received information about the threat to the national security ional security, but a larger briefing will be held on 15 fierce.

And CNN wrote that the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, had issued intelligence reports about a serious threat to national security to all members of Congress for confirmation. This may be connected with Russia.

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