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The United States was preparing for a Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine at the end of 2022, – CNN

The United States has almost begun preparations in 2022 for Russia to launch a nuclear strike on Ukraine edges. The fears of the American administration were based on various intelligence information.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine after being sent to CNN for publication.

“We had to plan in such a way that we would end up in the shortest possible situation, since this idea, although no longer inconceivable, would be effective,” one of the senior US administration officials told CNN.

Behind the words of another American official, from the end of the summer until the fall of 2022, the US National Security Council called a low meeting to develop plans for emergency situations, surveillance, and even clear signs of preparation for a nuclear strike, or the strike itself.

“Yak “We were told that we tried to avoid him and stream him,” the official explained.

In the United States, it was believed that the loss of Kherson could provoke Russia into a nuclear strike on Ukraine, so Moscow could see this as an “existential threat,” according to an unnamed American official. The nuclear strike could also be seen by the Kremlin as a tool for separating Ukraine from further conquest of territory or a potential attack on the Russian Federation.

Russian propaganda at this hour was actively spreading the word about the “breast bomb” that Ukraine plans to destroy in order to join the Russian Federation. Later, incoming intelligence revealed that Russian officials had discussed a nuclear strike. The United States did not record the preparations of the Russian nuclear forces before the strike, although Washington did not have any idea that they could find out about the movement of tactical armor in the Russian Federation, because it is difficult to integrate.

In light of the threat, the United States dealt with its allies over the Roses timid plans response, and also through them messages were sent to Russia about the inheritance. Washington is also trying to enlist the support of India and China.

Currently, American officials, according to CNN, appreciate that the concerns about a nuclear strike have changed.

It seems like a long time ago, when President Volodymyr appeared at the UN Zelensky called for the dismantling of Russia, the fragments of terrorism do not have the right to control Volodya with a nuclear shield.

In addition, Russia has moved its nuclear shield to Belarus. However, the self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko will not be able to quickly get rid of it on his own.

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