• 15/06/2024 23:24

The United States will not see any serious breaches on the side of Russia on the front in Ukraine, – Derzhdep

The United States of America is admitting that the Russian military is about to attack, ma in the Kharkiv region , however, there will not be any serious breaches of the occupiers at the front.

This was stated by the intercessor of the river commander of the US State Department, Vedant Patel, informing RBC-Ukraine of what was sent to his briefing.

“Russia will continue to strengthen its aggression, and we understand that Russia is poised to make progress, including to Kharkiv,” Patel said.

In his words, Russians are poised to achieve greater progress in the coming years, but there will be no large-scale attacks.

“We do not expect any serious breaches, and in due course additional assistance from the United States, as well as further support from our partners, will allow Ukraine to continue resisting this aggression,” the representative told the State Duma.

Around that , in the transition, so that the ZSU will save key gains in battles and save significant losses on the enemy.

Russian offensive in the Kharkov region

Guess what, the Russian troops have not been testing their tests for several days now Wake up in the evening in the Kharkiv region, there are active battles there dії.

Okrem, the Russians are trying to reach Vovchansk, which is located near the Russian cordon.

As the General Staff of the ZSU reported today, the Russian occupiers will continue their offensive in Kharkov These areas are assigned to those occupied positions, have reserve positions.

According to the words of RNBO Secretary Oleksandr Litvinenko, over 30 thousand Russian troops will advance in the Kharkiv region.

Terminovy ​​and important information I’m not talking about the war between Russia and Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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