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The US believes that the ATACMS given to Ukraine will transform the Taurus given to Germany

Information about the fact that the United States has already supplied Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles has intensified debate in Nіmechchini shodo donation of Taurus missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a post on DW.

The agency is complaining about an unnamed American high-ranking official who told journalists that the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine is lying in storage from Germany.

In the US, they are convinced that Washington’s decision to launch ATACMS, as well as similar decisions by France and Great Britain, will use long-range cruise missiles “may be an official” in order to cross Germany change your mind.

Germany's position before the transfer of Taurus to Ukraine

Germany, approximately from 2024, sees Ukraine receiving long-range Taurus missiles.

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz at another time called I know the reasons for this: due to the need for maintenance on the side of the German fighters before they fear any strikes on the territory of Russia, which could provoke them into a nuclear defense against the NRF.

Yesterday, 25th quarter, Scholz at the hour of the press conference with the British Prime Minister Richard Sunak stated that The position of his country has not changed.

The decision of France and Great Britain to supply missiles

France is preparing a new package of military aid for Ukraine. It will include hundreds of armored vehicles and Aster anti-aircraft missiles for the SAMP/T anti-aircraft missile system.

Sunak today stated that London has found Ukraine the “largest in history” equipment package, which includes 60 boats iv, over 1600 strike missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as a maximum of 4 million rounds for the armed forces.

In Britain it was clarified that there will be over 1,600 strike and anti-shock missiles, as well as additional long-range Storm Shadow missiles.

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