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The US government shot down a missile that the Houthis fired at an American destroyer in the Sea of ​​Red

The US government shot down an anti-ship missile fired from the Houthi militant areas in Yemen and in the bik of the American the destroyer, which is operating in the flooded part of the Red Sea.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message to the US Central Command of the Armed Forces (CENTCOM) on Twitter.

For data from the American military, An anti-ship missile was fired from the Iran-controlled areas of the Houthi militants near Yemeni to the USS Laboon (DDG 58) destroyer, which was operating in the southern part of the Red Sea.

“On the 14th at approximately 16:45 (after the hour of the month), a rocket was shot down in the area of ​​the Khudaydi coast by US officials. There is no information about the victims and there is no destruction,” according to a CENTCOM source.

Earlier this week, the Houthis complained that US aircraft flew near Yemen's windy expanse and coastal areas.

It appears that the crisis in the Red Sea has increased concern about the outbreak of a broader conflict in the Close Crossing between Ghazi.

What is happening in the Sea of ​​Red

At the end of the day, a militarized grouping of Shiite-Zaydis, also known as the Yemeni Houthis, has launched attacks on civilian ships near the Sea of ​​Red, which have links with Iz raylem. This is shaping up to be a war between Israel and Hamas, the rest being supported by Yemeni militants and Iran.

10 days ago, the Houthis carried out one of their largest attacks near the Red Sea in recent months. The US military and naval forces shot down 24 missiles and UAVs launched from the territory of Yemen.

As of today, the US and Great Britain have armored forces with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands lands, away from the heavy blows to the 'The Houthi protests in the territory of Yemen.

During the operation, a plane and a ship were captured. The targets of the strikes were the defense centers and military bases of the militants. 60 targets were hit in 16 places.

However, the Houthis can still continue to attack ships.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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