• 25/05/2024 00:29

The US is preparing a package for Ukraine worth 1 billion dollars, – Reuters

The United States is preparing the largest package available for Ukraine. According to previous data, it has cost 1 billion dollars.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

According to data, the received States are preparing a package of military aid for Ukraine worth 1 billions of dollars.

US aid for Ukraine

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that the United States had recently postponed voting on a bill that would transfer financial and military aid to Ukraine, but last year The action has changed and the House of Representatives is already supporting the bill.

Significantly, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Mike Johnson, blocked the consideration of the bill on aid to Ukraine for a long time in bringing the bill to a vote. RBC-Ukraine wrote that Speaker Johnson had changed his position to help Ukraine.

Now this bill will be submitted to the Senate for a vote, and after praise will be passed on to US President Joe Biden, who will respect that you will sign the bill immediately for praise by the Senate.

For more details about the history of food assistance to Ukraine and the replacement of the Ukrainian package, read the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine nor read on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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