• 21/06/2024 17:19

The US Senate decided to close the border with Mexico, – CNN

The US Senate decided to expand the new territory to curb the illegal flow of migrants to the country Doni s Mexico.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via CNN.

The Senate, which is likely to be publicized already this coming year, would also speed up the process of making a decision to review the law within six months. With the current system, you may need up to 10 rocks to search for a door.

As this means, this agreement also opens the window to negotiations to see funding to assist Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Senate leaders are confident that they can get a deal done before the negotiations.

President Joe Biden previously said that the deal negotiated by the Senate negotiators was fair and fair.

“This If I were the president of a new government, I would close the cordon if there were any re-importance. And if I were given this renewal, I would be victorious the day I sign the bill,” Biden said.

Apparently, the US Department of Homeland Security will be given a new priority to close the border, as the average number of migrants reaches 4,000 per year. Some migrants should be allowed to lose their money in order to detect the stench that flows from the torturus or re-examine them in their own countries.

In addition, since the number of crossings exceeds 8,500 in one day, the cordon will be closed to migrants who illegally cross the cordon. Therefore, with the proposition, any migrant who tries to cross the cordon for two days, if the wine is closed, will be blocked from entering the United States for one fate.

What has been blown

Guess what, the nutritional strengthening of the US cordon will remain they became months American legislators discuss it more often. Zokrem, the republicans sought to change laws to include radical proposals to protect the border with Mexico. They also pledged to support the vision of financial assistance for Ukraine and Israel.

According to The Wall Street Journal, US President Joe Biden relied on the strengthening of immigration policy, as the Republicans urged, to drown out critics and provide additional assistance to Ukraine.

At this hour, Texas began to erect a fence on the border with Mexico. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he is ready to fight against the federal authorities in order to protect the US border from the influx of migrants. The White House has heard that the governor’s actions are considered “unsafe.”

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