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The US will transfer more long-range armor to Ukraine, – Nuland

Following this fate, Ukraine can defeat a new far-reaching threat at the front. The mission of the United States and its foreign allies is to prepare Kiev before negotiations from a position of power in the interests of power.

This was stated by former US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, reports RBC-Ukraine with permission from Medusa.

Behind these words, the United States has given Kiev a lot of military and economic support for the last three years.

Zokrema, Nuland said, special funds have been created for the reconstruction of critical infrastructure, for the energy boost of the country, for humanitarian assistance.

“Our special representative (for the economic renewal of Ukraine Penny Itsker – ed.) works on the revival of Ukrainians place – so that people can go home, so that exports can begin again,” she said.

In the words of the politician, while the United States, together with its European and Asian allies, is giving Ukraine more money, “Putin is creating more money.”

“According to some estimates, there is a lot of thousands of Russian people per day – just for the sake of pushing a couple of kilometers and taking a few villages. So, Ukraine’s needs to grow, and, I think, we will continue to help it – with new and more far-reaching developments, as you have already done. read in work at the front this summer “, Nuland said.

Talk about peace

The ex-defender of the US Secretary of State also noted that “if we move on to the negotiations of the world, we are in agreement with the decisions of Ukraine.”

“So far, Putin’s approach to the negotiations looks like this: “What’s mine is mine, and what’s mine?” yours is negotiable.” Therefore, the meta of the American strategy is to prepare Kiev with a military, economical and political approach, so that they can begin to rely on a position of strength. Putin and his military leader Nicks have realized that this war is a lost cause for them – and it’s already time “Go now. In the interests of power,” the politician said.

At the same time, as of today, Kiev is not strong enough for negotiations.

“We would like Putin to dispossess a square kilometer of Ukrainian land. Until then – until Ukraine becomes strong enough – We don’t know what’s possible in this regard,” Nuland said.

Negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation

It seems a few days ago that Victoria Nuland said that Ukraine does not yet have sufficient strength to start negotiations with Russia about completion war.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine noted that today there is no sense in starting peaceful negotiations with Russia, otherwise they will be in bad faith.

In the meantime, the United States is ready to conduct negotiations with Russia, as the Kremlin will demonstrate for Whose greater need is it.

During the days of the military and political establishment of Ukraine and the United States, they held negotiations, during which they discussed the increase in emergency supplies and the current situation at the front.

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