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The Vice-Chancellor of Switzerland died while on his way to the mountains

In Switzerland, on May 10, just before going to the mountains, Vice Chancellor Andre Simonazzi died. He was 55 years old.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the envoys to overcome the Swiss order.

“He loved to live in the mountains. On Friday, he lost his knowledge and died in the hour From one of his favorite hikes, Andre Simonazzi lost 55 lives.

André Simonazzi

Simonazzi was appointed Vice-Chancellor and Speaker of the Swiss Federal Council in the fall of leaves in 2008. Already from the onset of fate, he took part in the meetings, entered into protocols and took up communication. Zokrema deprived a few of the leaders and the Presidential Service.

As indicated in the order, the clear information activity of the Federal Service is the merit of Simonazzi.

“Under his leadership, communication was professionalized and digitized. We carefully strengthened its coordination and developed an invisible part of the activity of the department,” added the department .

Guess what, RBC-Ukraine wrote about the huge activist Dmitro Kapranov, who had 56 years in his life.

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