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The war in Ukraine has led to a shortage of medical workers in Russia, British intelligence

Russia's war against Ukraine has undoubtedly led to a shortage of medical workers throughout the territory of the aggressor country .

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a post on the British intelligence Twitter account.

As intelligence writes, after the mobilization of the Russian army in the spring of 2022, the fate of medical practitioners no one has decided to deprive the country, but up to 2% of doctors and medical professionals flowed from Russia, almost without a doubt. Also, up to 3 thousand medical personnel were probably mobilized to provide medical assistance during combat operations.

At leaf fall in 2023, the Ministry of Health of Russia stated that the medical sector will not receive close to:

  • 26,500 doctors;
  • 58,200 average medical personnel.

Zokrem in 22 regions of Russia there is a significant shortage of medicines, and in another 7 the shortage is assessed as acute.

Based on estimates for 2024, over the past 15 months the number of doctors in Russia has decreased by 7.5 thousand. Many people call it a long working day and a low salary.

The Committee on Regional Policy and Local Self-Government, when discussing the budget for 2024, confirms that the poor regions of Russia have problems with financing the salaries of doctors.

“An important resource and financial burden supporting Russia's war in Ukraine is having a negative impact on the low civil sectors that serve the Russian population. There is no clear sign that the trend is depleting copper “The main citizens of Russia will change by 2024,” – intelligence adds.

The news is being updated…

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