• 16/07/2024 14:49

The war in Ukraine will continue for several more years, media reports

The war in Ukraine may drag on for years. The US and its allies are building this into their military and financial planning.

This was stated by an official of one of the European countries.

G7 representatives on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly discussed the bleak outlook and agreed that the conflict is likely to continue in the medium to long term.

That’s much longer than Western officials expected at the start of 2023, but slow progress in the counteroffensive over the past few months has reportedly tempered their expectations.

According to the official, the G7 representatives agreed that the war is likely to continue for another six to seven years. Therefore, the USA and its allies include this in their military and financial planning, so that they can continue to help Ukraine.

Long-term support for Ukraine will include assistance in energy, infrastructure restoration, and strengthening the country’s economy in order to deter the Russian Federation in the future.

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