• 15/06/2024 22:44

The ZSU Military Forces clarified the statement about the “F-16 after the Great Day”

Ukrainians need to be patient before the production of the F-16. The transfer of the aircraft will be announced officially after they are delivered to Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reported this via a message sent to the riverine officer of the Military Forces ZSU Illya Ivlash on the air telethon.

Yvlash commented I will make a statement in advance about those that F-16 will appear in Ukraine after the Great Day.

“We are all aware that F-16s have appeared in the vast expanse of Ukraine. However, we cannot reveal the exact date when they appear. So, already in the public space there is little information that there is no 'to appear in Chernі “However, we are already very official, if they come in, and we can also inform you, within the framework of what is available, that these aircraft are already in service in the Air Force,” he said.

The riverman called on Ukrainians to stock up on terpines. In addition, Ivlash noted that if the rich people enter Ukraine, this does not mean that there will be a military offensive on the first day. The military will analyze the operational situation.

“Before that, our infrastructure is also being prepared to accept all aircraft, put them in proper service. It’s good to work so that all the pilots can “effectively follow through on your assignments,” adding the riverman of the Military Forces.

What was transferred to whom

It is clear that the partners created an aviation coalition to transfer current aircraft to Ukraine. Ukraine is taking over American F-16s.

So far, Ukrainian pilots and engineers are undergoing training on the F-16. The terms of the posturing of the Vinishuvachs themselves are not clear. Our partners are singing that the first flights will arrive in Ukraine on this day.

Recently, a riverman of the Ukrainian Defense Forces of the ZSU stated that, of course, the first F-16s will arrive in Ukraine after the Great Day, but if he himself – without specifying .

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