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There was a fatal accident in Warsaw, most likely involving Ukrainians and Belarusians, – ZMI

There was a fatal accident near the capital of Poland, Warsaw, which resulted in the death of three people. Among the victims, most likely, are two citizens of Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in Polska Agencja Prasowa.

The accident occurred near the Warsaw district of Wilanów on Vogla Street on the 3rd May.

Nina received information from the local prosecutor's office about the cause of the accident – a transfer of fluid and loss of control over the BMW car. This was stated by the representative of the Warsaw District Prosecutor's Office, Szymon Banna.

It appears that according to recent data, among the dead there are incredibly two Ukrainians and a citizen of Belarus. The names of the victims must still be identified.

As revealed by the prosecutor's office, a BMW car at high speed crashed into a tree, after which the car caught fire.

“This certificate has already been confirmed by a court examination. According to the preliminary investigations carried out at the scene of the accident, the cause of the accident was the excess of fluid and the loss of the BMW car’s reserve,” said Banna.

The investigation was opened for criminal statute, which transfers responsibility for unintentionally causing an accident with fatal consequences.

Accident involving Ukrainians in Poland

Previously it was reported that, for example, Poland had an accident in an accident, having lost the 18-digit Ukrainian Finally, he tried to run into police and crashed at a roadside stop. A fatal accident occurred in the town of Opole.

It was also reported that in Poland, a car crashed into the crowd while people were crossing a pedestrian crossing. As it was explained later, among the victims were six Ukrainians.

It is also likely that Poland was involved in an accident when a Ukrainian bus with over 60 people in it crashed. So, the bus carried 59 passengers from Ukraine to Poland, and carried them in 2 waters. As a result of the accident, 18 people were taken to the hospital.

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