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They can really serve summonses at checkpoints: a lawyer explains

There are no special places designated in Ukraine where subpoenas can be issued. This means that they can be handed over in large places anywhere: just on the street, outside shops, government installations. I will do this legally. It is necessary to hand over such a document to this person.

Anton Marynich, a lawyer and leading legal adviser of the Nota Group company, explains in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine that you need to know about the possible delivery of summonses at checkpoints.

Summons at checkpoints: What you need to know

With the adoption of the new law on mobilization, citizens will face new obligations. Since before the adoption of this Law, the form and amendments to the summons were assigned to the Resolution Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, then the obligatory details of the summons were transferred to the law, respected Anton Marynich.

In the story about the call to the TCC that joint venture is designated:

  • nickname, name and birth date of the citizen to whom the summons is addressed;
  • name of the territorial recruitment center and social support that has been received by the summons;
  • message to the territorial recruitment center that social support;
  • place, day and hour of appearance for the call;
  • signature (electronic digital signature) of the person who received (formulated) the summons;
  • registration summons number;
  • clarification about the history of absence and about obligatory information about the reasons for non-appearance.
  • From the obligatory details, we have removed the “Regulation of the branch TCC and joint venture about notifications”, which will essentially simplify the issuance of such a summons, the lawyer will respect you.

    Photo: Appearance for Obov'yazkov's summons served at the checkpoint lasting 7 or 10 days (Getty Images)

    When required to report to the TCC after delivery of the summons

    The law gives new importance to the TCC service personnel, as well as the national police, to carry out verification of military-regional documents of human status from 18 to 60 years. The citizen is required to present such a document so that the authorized person can read it.

    “For such situations, when documents are re-verified at the checkpoint, citizens may be served with summonses,” – even if they are guilty.

    < p>If the summons has been served and you have signed it, but you are unable to appear on the date indicated by the summons, in this case, important reasons for non-arrival may be:

    • disturbance of a natural nature;
    • Higopaurian brigade;
    • there is a namese of the same nasal, the death of the yogi sort of sogi; /li>

    If important reasons are evident, appearance for such a summons is required for 7 days or 10 days, and after informing the wine about the important reasons for non-appearance, a police officer is added.

    “As it is enshrined in the law, in the event of the absence of a huge number of requests at short notice, unless later than three times the date and time of arrival before the TCC, inform about the reasons for the non-appearance of the direct deposit before the appointment this is the story of the TCC or in any case There is another way of further arriving at the lines, which does not exceed 7 calendar days. The Cabinet of Ministers is further detailing the procedure for serving summonses, and the procedure for such delivery may be detailed,” explains the Nota Group representative.

    Apparently, the new law about Mobilization is rising on May 18, 2024. It introduces low additional obligations for Ukrainians. We wrote that those who don’t need to go to the TCC are sure to get new benefits.

    Also, shortly after the adoption of the law, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a new round of changes to the law on mobilization. It has become clear that they will take away the water rights from the hijackers.

    Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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