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Threat to Cologne Cathedral: three more suspects detained in Germany

Threat to Cologne Cathedral: three more suspects detained in Germany Illustrative photo DW

German police have taken three more suspects into custody in connection with possible plans to attack Cologne Cathedral, with arrests taking place in Duisburg, Herne and Nörwenich in the Düren region.

Source : “European Truth” with reference to Welt.

Details : Three suspects were detained on Sunday morning, and searches were also carried out in the apartments. It turned out that the Tajik, who was taken into custody on the eve of Christmas, was part of a large network that also extends to other federal states and other European countries.

As Cologne police chief Johannes Hermanns said at a press conference, the attack was supposed to be carried out from a car.

North Rhine-Westphalia's Interior Minister Herbert Reul declared “a success for which I would like to thank the investigators.”

Islamist extremists have always been active, but now they are more active than usual. “Police always try to stay a few steps ahead,” he said.

About 1,000 police officers who are on duty around the cathedral on New Year's Eve are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of those celebrating. So far, nothing unusual has been found.

What preceded :

  • Authorities in the German city of Cologne have strengthened security measures around the famous cathedral ahead of the New Year.
  • Earlier, German police said they had detained a man in connection with a report of a threat to Cologne Cathedral during the holidays.
  • It was also reported that due to the terrorist threat, Cologne Cathedral will remain closed to tourists indefinitely.
  • German Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Feser, amid reports of the arrest of suspects in preparing terrorist attacks on churches in Europe, stressed that terrorists will not limit the way of life of Europeans.


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