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Tisa is not safe. How the “instructions” (not) work from Ukraine

In the minds of the military, I will not try to illegally cross the cordon by the conscripts. Otherwise, their “plans for the future” with the purchased routes will end tragically, for example, I will die in the Tisa River.

About how unsafe the Tisa River is, how much it has already taken lives and depots of the Tisa River. More tests in the meantime – read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine below.

During the hour of preparation of the material, the following were vikorized: Telegram channel of the Derzhprikordonservice, Transcarpathian OVA, “Voice of the Carpathians”, wikipedia, exclusive commentary of the river traffic policeman Andriy Demenko.


  • What do you know about Tisa
  • The troubles of the Girskaya River: how many lives have been taken
  • In which countries do you know the “route” from Tisa< /li>
  • Not even across the river. The greatest test in the future

What we know about the Tisa

The Tisa is the largest river in Transcarpathia, which flows for at least a thousand kilometers (966 km). The area of ​​the pool is 157 thousand square meters. km (the borders of Ukraine are 12.8 thousand sq. km). The width of the river is 80 meters, and the depth is 5 m (the sections that pass from the neighboring Rumania and Ugorshchina have a depth of 2.5 meters).

It flows through five whole countries: Ukraine (Transcarpathian region), Romania, Slovakia, Ugorshchina and Serbia and flows into the Danube (more than a hundred kilometers of river – this is the border between Rumunia and Ugorshchina).

C I take the river its beginning in the area of ​​Rakhiv as a result of the flow of two small rivers – the Black and White Tisa. Zagalom passes through the Transcarpathian region along the upper river with a length of 201 km. In this manner, on the banks of the Tisya stand the towns of Rakhiv, Tyachiv, Khust and Chop.

It is important for the Tisza to be replenished with planks and melt waters – at least half of these waters are consumed by the river in the spring. Even before the full-scale war, rafting and tourism and excursion programs were popular here. In addition, it is planned to have an entire port for international transport with a multimodal terminal on Tisya.

Trouble with the Girskaya River : how many lives it took

In the minds of a full-scale war, Tisza lost far from good glory. It was popularly called the so-called “river of death” for swindlers. In the event of multiple deaths, crossing the illegal crossing of the cordon across this river is not allowed.

As confirmed in the commentary by RBC-Ukraine, river officer of the State border service Andriy Demchenko, at the beginning of the Great War, in the Girsky rivers, at this moment, already 28 types of deaths were recorded by border patrols. Among them, the biggest thing is the Tisya. The DPSU reported about the remains today – the bodies of as many as three drowning victims were removed from the water. And this is not official data.

Also, there are also episodes of loss of life, as it is necessary to cross the cordon through the vitally accessible Georgian localities. To add this information to the guesswork, the DPSU has information about over 35 deaths. And this is not official data.

“The Girsky rivers themselves are not safe. Because they seem so calm, but in the surrounding places there may be a lot of current. There may be eddies where the current pulls people. What is the power to bring about deaths at the hour of podlannya richok . And who doesn’t have the strength to tide up the river. That’s why everything is all together,” explains the river traffic policeman of the DPSU.

In which region he leads the “route” from Tisi

As has already been stated, Tisza often plays the role of a kind of “natural water cordon” between Ukraine and Rumania, as well as Ukraine and the Ugorsk region. Therefore, in these two regions, Ukrainians are trying to stop this dangerous water crossing.

“The thieves, serving as servants of, say, evil organized groups, who pay money in exchange for supporting the Defense Forces of Ukraine, they steal for themselves the illegal straight line of the cordon. Pay money to evil groups who are rich,” – Demchenko reveals.

He explained that the routes in the so-called “instructions” that evil groups give people will also be through the Girsky rivers. What is the concern for the lives of those who are tempted to intertwine them.

“In fact, the thieves themselves cannot be expected to care about their health. Those evil groups do not care about the lives of people, because their main goal is – rich”, – perhaps Demchenko.

Not less than across the river. Where to try the most

According to the words of the river policeman of the DPSU, the best attempt to illegally cross the state cordon is through the “green field” (that is, the position between the checkpoint) between Romania and Moldova. And such attempts, says Demchenko, unfortunately, are fixed quickly.

“When there is a problem at checkpoints, thieves there, as a rule, seek either detailed documents, or boast about the design features of transport facilities, and try to bribe DSSU inspectors,” Demchenko said.

Vin adds that earlier in the middle, border guards in the retina cordon were encouraged from 100 to 150 individuals per kill.

“The majority of them are important – all the people (communities of Ukraine) from 18 to 60 years old. They complain about the need for necessary documents that would give the right to cross the cordon. Otherwise, individuals in certain categories cannot “confirm your travel details,” adding river traffic policeman DPSU.

We guess that in the minds of the military camp, what is happening in Ukraine from the beginning of a full-scale war and will continue for another three months, the entry outside the cordon for people in Ukraine is limited from 18 to 60 days. Ale є і vyyyatki. However, those people who have been released from the military can leave the territory of the region without any delay. RBC-Ukraine wrote in an accompanying article about those who can be pushed beyond the border in the hour of war and what is needed.

However, it is significant that for certain categories of Ukrainians the entry rules may change beyond the cordon. This will be realized after the new law on mobilization comes into effect on the 18th of May.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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