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To extend the principles of barrier-free policies in Ukraine, create a new body

Around the nutrition committees for the safety of a barrier-free environment, in the territorial communities of Ukraine They plan to create another one an organ that is nourished by the implementation of the principles of inclusion. For the sake of barrier-free.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with orders sent to the head of the committee for the nutrition of the organization of sovereign power, local self-government, regional development and local development, the head of the Servant of the People party y” Olen Shulyak.

In these words, the war will force the citizens of Ukraine into the barrier-free middle ground that has strengthened – in these communities and places there are different categories of low-mobility groups of the population, which will not soon be comfortable changing their shoes and taking away the powers or to whom personal services.

< p>Therefore, preparation and further adoption of the draft of the Approximate Regulations about the Barrier-free Council of the territorial community will help the communities to create more opportunities, transfer the tools of the most advanced power to achieve a positive result, if necessary services and infra structure and results are simplified.

“As soon as we discuss the implementation of various tasks and approaches for the purpose of enhancing barrier-free regulations, restrictions will be established, as in the law, I ask them to fix them and my colleagues and I will work on everything in our own way, and at the top ovniy Rada of Ukraine such exchanges and barriers removed,” Shulyak respected.

Behind these words, since a number of active work on the implementation of barrier-free services has begun, thousands of representatives have noted that there is a need for greater accessibility of services for low-mobility groups of the population, as well as barrier-free food service and bring back the age of barrier-free. All this – the need for more is simply insolent, so compulsory health insurance in communities needs to show special respect for this.

The parliamentarian spoke out – there are clear changes in their locality, towns and villages may be able to improve the skin of Ukrainians and Ukrainians Yenka. Therefore, in addition to the systemic work of the state and local self-government, the support of the community is necessary, as it is only understandable that food is more indispensable for their community – the availability of huge spaces iv, support for the care of caregivers with disabilities, social services, barrier-free routes, etc.

In addition, Shulyak noted that in the localities it is still unreasonable that for the sake of barrier-freeness they will be involved in the Barrier-free Committees, although the communities will support the creation of organs that will Let us understand – to guide finance during war and marriage.

“We can, however, understand that a barrier-free expanse means that a person is accepted, respected and valued regardless of status, wealth, physical abilities. And power, business and marriage make decisions with a bang to the interests of all family groups, including small ones” , – the people's deputy said.

Vona clarified that at all levels the legislative and viconic authorities are working on this in order to:

  • The expanse has become inclusive. To ensure control over everyday life standards, promote European standards, begin fakhivtsov and create monitoring and control of barrier-free everyday life and reconstruction;
  • In the service sector, vikorism was maintained and up to there were principles of universal design;
  • The information was accessible to the skin and skin. For this purpose, the standards of simple language and easy reading are broken down. We will also develop mechanisms for stimulating the translation of Ukrainian sign language (subtitling, audio commentary and other formats for presenting information for reading and printing).

“We are also working on the methods of monitoring testing the availability of public services, the results of such an audit “will be an effective real instrument for the implementation of real barrier-free conditions,” concluded Shulyak.

It seems that 19 Ukrainian territorial communities from 7 regions of Ukraine have signed a Memorandum on the Special Forces However, plans and priorities for sectoral support of communities in within the framework of the implementation of the international initiative “Inclusive Innovation for Community Leadership” (CLIR) – an initiative to support territorial communities in the development of an established, inclusive, social and economic innovation i.

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