• 23/06/2024 01:36

Tragedy at the funicular station near Kiev: DBR has opened up criminal activity

The State Bureau of Investigation has uncovered criminal activity through the tragedy that happened at the station funicular near Kiev.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message sent to the Telegram channel of the State Bureau of Investigation.

What happened

Today, the 7th quarter, at the station of the capital's funicular there was a conflict between people, which is happening in the Directorate of Sovereign Security and Delinquents.

P If you exit from The carriage man pulled out the padding after which the rest of the head was smashed and a fatal cut was removed from the neck. The boy died on the spot.

Obviously criminal activity

“Already trying to get out of the way of their bonds. His command ensures greater coherence in carrying out uncomplicated investigative activities “, write DBR.

The whole range of operational and surveillance activities is being carried out. There is also a lot of publicity about the suspicion of murder.

As the State Security Administration of Ukraine wrote, the military service was taken into custody.

“The Department of State Security of Ukraine is already providing all necessary assistance to law enforcement agencies and will cooperate in any way in conducting the pre-trial investigation,” the department adds.

Based on the data of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the sphere of defense of the central region, the investigation of the 1994 fate of the people.

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