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Trump called out Biden at the debate after Galey left the presidential race

On Wednesday, February 6, the great US President Donald Trump called out the head of the republic Joe Biden at the debate before the elections in the fall of leaves, unimportant to those who had previously floundered in the low Republican primaries.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via Bloomberg.

“For the good of our country, it is important “So that Joe Biden and I can discuss the issues that are vitally important to the United States for those people,” Trump said and added: “I call before the debate, be it, be it, be it.”

During the election campaign, Trump fought in five debates with his political opponents. He did not take part in similar approaches, which caused criticism from the side of the great candidate Chris Christ, who in his advertisement called Trump “a bad luck.”

During the hour of the campaign, the 77-year-old Trump criticized Biden for his verbal pardons and stumbling during an hour of walking. Although the great president himself is also not insured against pardons during the hour of speeches: he recently confused Gaile and the great Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

“I know that Donald Trump wants to respect and wants to expand his popularity with the MAGA base,” said Biden campaign campaign manager Michael Tyler: “Because it’s so difficult to get President Biden in prime time, you don’t need to check! We could reach tens of millions.” in Americans, who will watch the State of the Union tomorrow evening.”

It seems likely that on Tuesday, February 5th, US President Joe Biden and former head Donald Trump will win in the national party elections in most states. The candidates changed their minds for historic revenge in the late November elections, regardless of their low popularity ratings.

After a successful run in 15 states, where the “Super Run” won over a third of Republican delegates, Trump is practical about guaranteeing a third post nomination for the presidency, regardless of the number of criminal connections.

Biden again calling Trump a threat to American democracy.

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