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Trump faces multimillion-dollar fine from criminal investigation, – CNN

New York Attorney General wants to fine Donald's Republican Party presidential candidate Trump on ponad 370 million dollars, and also to defend the policy of doing business on the state’s territory. The proposal is hanging between the court process and the politician's civil fraud.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via CNN.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, in her paper dated 5 today, provided evidence of a large number of fraudulent schemes of Trump and his spies during the preparation of financial information.

Attorney General confirms yea, under the hour of presidency from 2017 to 2020, Trump It would reject pennies, as if not lower than the hundred-year rates that were paid, spiraling into the financial statements of the world.

“The innocent schemes that they were victorious in order to protect the value of assets and the acquisition of the fact iv, the boards were stormy, so the stink would be unbearable Innocent explanation,” said James.

Looking at the damage, he will ask for a fine of 370 million dollars from the politician.

The Office of the Prosecutor General recovered over 250 million dollars, but the amount was significantly increased, leaving Trump to save 168 million dollars from the government. yak friendly surcharge rates and otmav $60 million in revenue from its license to the Ferry Point Golf Course, as well as a possible $140 million in revenue from the sale of its lease to the Old Post Office, the Trump Hotel near Washington, D.C.

Earlier, Judge Arthur Yengoron had already blamed the decision in a simplified manner, having established that Trump and his supporters were guilty of a constant and repeated plunder. He also ordered the sale of Trump's business certificates in New York. However, the politician filed an appeal against the decision, and the court suspended the liquidation of the company.

The essence of the damage

Trump's lawyers argued on Friday that Engoron was guilty of raising a criminal case against him. In their notes, they wrote that most of the operations recorded by the prosecutor general’s account went beyond the statute of limitations, that Trump’s statements about the financial system did not take revenge on the situation’s distortions, and that the prosecutor general did not demonstrate any real influx.

However, Engoron has already raised a number of arguments from Trump's lawyers, including those challenging the statute of limitations and write-offs, indicating that the stench is offensive and legally acceptable. The records were filed on Friday after the ship's examination, preparing the basis for the closing arguments before the Engoron company in the coming year. The judge can make his decision as early as this month.

The court's review will take place over 11 years to determine how much fine Trump and his company will have to pay, as well as the share of the president's business in New York. York . The attorney general's office aims to bring six additional claims against Trump, including money laundering, false financial statements, falsification of business records and insurance fraud.

Disqualification of Trump's blues

In addition, at the hour of the 5th meeting, the Prosecutor General asked to protect Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump for five years. Investigators found that the blue politicians were recruited before the assessment of the singing power and took “direct control” over the preparation of reports about the financial system in 2021.

The Prosecutor General ordered the lives of Trump’s sons, while saving Accounting firm Whitley Penn , signing the remaining representation sheet and keeping an eye on the size of the Trump organization.

McConney admitted to the court that he consulted with Eric Trump regarding his recent assessments of Donald Trump's financial position. However, he says that he did not know about the vital information for the special financial status of his father.

Trump illegally took money from other powers

An investigation into other criminal justice revealed that former US President Donald Trump stole nearly 7.8 million dollars from foreign organizations in 20 countries around the world. Such payments violated the Constitution's provisions on foreign vineyards, which prevent federal officials, including the president, from accepting money or gifts from foreign governments without the permission of Congress.

Donald Trump's problems with the president's problems

Kerivnik election and the Maine State Commission Shanna White 28 The chest excluded Trump from the ballot for the 2024 elections. The decision is based on the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Vaughn defends her participation in the election of organizers and participants who were stabbed, which the court found that the Trumpists stormed the Capitol on June 6, 2021.

20 Breasts The Supreme Court of Colorado also defended Trump from taking part in the primaries in the state through the 14th Amendment .

Trump's team filed an appeal of the decision to the US Supreme Court. The meeting for skarga is scheduled for 4 September 2024. The court's decision will likely be settled in the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

Trump will suppress the offenses associated with the storming of the Capitol, and will respect the legal claims without evidence.

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