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Trump may intend to increase the defense budgets of NATO countries, – The Telegraph

US presidential candidate Donald Trump, having won the US election, is considering increased spending on defense Karkan NATO.

about the cereal of RBC-Ukrainian, the sites on The Telegraph.

Donald Trump Plankhnuti member of the NATO to Zbilshennya Vidatkiv up to 3 vidsotkiv vibe term in the White House. This comes with significant threats from Russia and China.

Trump has already been considering the possibility of increased spending, and has even more conflicts with him after his fight with Polish President Andrzej Duda last month.

Duda previously confirmed that 3 hundred what Poland, the USA and Greece have achieved ) necessary to protect against “increasing threats”, including the beginning of a “direct confrontation between Russia and NATO”.

Last year, only 11 of the 32 members of the alliance, including Great Britain, reached this mark. The decision was made by the United States, which is currently the largest donor next to Poland, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia, Ugorsk, Slovakia and Denmark.

Luxembourg, which has the lowest budget defense was leveled from the GDP, having spent only 1 hundred thousand, while Belgium and Spain have spent 1.2 hundred thousand.

Timo Pesonen, a high-ranking representative of the EU Ministry of Defense, stated that the whole figure of 3 hundred thousand is already spoken by the active member powers behind the plans door.

“If NATO allies increase their budget to one hundredth of GDP, we can already talk about 3 hundredths,” said Vin.

Threats from the side of Russia and China

Earlier We wrote that Russia and China have become closer to each other through military power. According to Bloomberg information, Russia can help China prepare an attack on Taiwan.

Before the speech, the commander of the Finnish army stated that Russia is known for NATO hybrid attacks.

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