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Tusk criticized Fico for “pro-Russian rhetoric” in favor of military assistance to Ukraine

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk criticized his Slovak colleague Robert Fico through his criticism of the military help Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

The head of the Polish government made this statement at the hour of the press conference in Prague on February 27.

Robert Fico, together with the Prime Minister of the Ugric region Orban, will continue to decisively advocate for the introduction of the border to Ukraine. In the hour of the Visegrad Four's fight, he declared that the security of military ownership had only prolonged the court war, and called on the European Union to accept negotiations as a means of precipitating a conflict.

“Guess what, Robert, there would be a cordon between Russia and Ukraine without our help,” the Polish prime minister said, “I think that this food is so rich!” and save harmony and advertise the sleeping positions of the rural dominion. At that time, as Tusk and Fiala supported Ukraine, Fico and the Ugric Prime Minister Orban criticized sanctions directed against Russia.

“Tight ties in the middle of the Visegrad Four developed after the countries joined the EU and NATO,” write ZMI.

In addition, Fico’s new order is calling ahead of the EU for the census bath of the criminal code.< /p>

At the hour of the press conference, a Slovak reporter asked why his anti-South rhetoric isolates Slovakia. “I would like to ask you, please, don’t bet on Slovak snakes,” Fico said, attacking journalists after the briefing.

I guess, in Sichna, after the Russian shelling of Kiev , Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico stated that the situation in the capital of Ukraine looks “normal.” He was told that he plans to go to Kiev in order to understand the Russian war against Ukraine, which is disturbing another river. However, Fico called the conflict “local.”

“Do you seriously think that there is a war in Kiev? You are frying, please, I assure you, you are not serious. Go there, and you will see that there is a normal life in the place, life is absolutely normal,” said the Slovak prime minister.

Read the terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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