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Two rocks. How the great war changed the rules of life in Ukraine

Through the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation for two years already, Ukrainians have been forced to join forces with the minds of permanent insecurity ki ta border the military camp . In apparently calm regions, the basic rules of life have changed for everyone.

Report on the important changes that occurred in the region during the two years of the war – in the material of RBC-Ukraine below.

During the preparation, the following were reviewed: the laws “On mobilization and mobilization preparation” and “On the legal regime of the military camp”, publications of the UNHCR, data from the Employment Service, data from the State Employment Service and the portal Work.ua, of Statements made by representatives of the government. p> Zmist:

  • Curfew. At night, life slows down
  • Mobilization. Should the rules be changed?
  • Exit beyond the border. To people of respect
  • Ukrittya. Protection from air attacks
  • Invincibility points. It's light and warm at the blackout
  • Helping displaced people. Payments will not be for everyone
  • Business relocation. Entrepreneurs are exploiting foreign regions
  • New realities of illumination. Online lessons and underground schools
  • Market practice. Personnel shortages and “tender” professions
  • Housing and communal services tariffs. There is no moratorium, but payments may be increased

Curfew. At night life begins to buzz

After the start of large-scale Russian aggression on February 24, 2022, a military establishment was introduced in Ukraine, and one of its rules is a curfew. This special regime transfers protection to:

  • recovery on the streets and near large towns;

  • travel by any type of transport without a special crossing;

  • operation of shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, other commercial and important buildings, installations, as well as critical infrastructure.

The curfew in Ukraine lasts for two years in all regions (the Crimea of ​​Transcarpathia). This concern may vary depending on the safety situation in a specific skin region, but it is important to enter the interval from 00:00 to 05:00.

During the curfew, you can deprive your home unless you need to stay safe because of the current alarm.

Photo: verification of documents from the curfew violators (Getty Images)

Warto note that while the offender can work ahead of time or work until the person is established, since he does not have any documents. Protesters in Ukraine plan to impose heavy fines for violating the rules of the curfew for citizens and for business.

Mobilization. Should the rules be changed?

The military mobilization to the front of the Ukrainian Defense Forces was announced on the first day of a large-scale war and continued 10 times. There will be a period until May 13, 2024.

I call upon the hour of mobilization to support military servicemen, especially those who, while serving, bear military evidence. People without military service records can also be mobilized, or they can be sent to initial centers for training. After completion, they are selected to complete military units.

All military workers can stay in military service in the TCC and joint venture and renew their data whenever they change place of residence, work.

Women in Ukraine, they mobilize only voluntarily, and representatives of the medical professions are also expected to join the military branch.

Nowadays, there are a number of categories of people who are eligible for support or do not support mobilization: students, people with disabilities, rich fathers, identical fathers, adoptive parents, guardians with disabilities, “reserved” workers of enterprises.

Photo: mobilization in Ukraine is troubling z 24 fierce 2022 (Getty Images)

The need to change the rules of mobility has been discussed for a long time, despite the fact that service terms have been established for military personnel at the front since the early days of the war. There was also a call for a more thorough mechanism of the military structure and work of the TCC and the joint venture.

In the meantime, the procedure for holding the prize may change. The Verkhovna Rada is looking at another bill that has been read.

There are new standards for the terms of service, changes in the rules for the entry of military conscripts beyond the border, a hundred percent provision of “armor” for the prize, allowing for the strengthening of notices through the electronic account, about the reduction of the draft 27 to 25 rokіv, exchange rate for stealthists and not less .

More information about the new bill on the rules of mobilization can be read in the accompanying material from RBC-Ukraine.

Exit beyond the border. People of respect

One of the restrictions of the military establishment is the prohibition of military personnel from 18 to 60 people from traveling outside Ukraine. This is from the first day of the great war. But for low-category citizens there are blames.

People who have been discharged from military service through the state of health, those who are temporarily unavailable, individuals with disabilities, wealthy fathers, and spouses can cross the border during the war. or with disabilities, representatives of related professions (water and volunteers, sailors, athletes, civil servants, maritime, aviation, transport workers, officials – other than those in the service).

Photo: under the hour of war, entry to the border is blocked (Getty Images)

As expected, the new draft law on mobilization may change the entry rules.

Thus, the norm is established that when crossing the cordon, a person will have a military-register document with a notice about being taken to the military district or being excluded from it.

Ukrittya. Defense against fire attacks

After February 24, 2022, all Ukrainians knew how the fire alarm sounded, and for two years they sensed the next day. Anxiety warns of the threat of attack by missiles and drones and the need to move to a safe place.

In this case, there are bombshells and special shelters that can be installed in the subway, basements of apartment buildings, and underground parking lots. Concrete mobile shelters have also been installed on the streets to prevent the loss of ammunition and to change the flow of ammunition.

Photo: under the hour of alarm, the metro vikoristya looks like it's hidden (Getty Images)

At the end of 2023, there were 60 thousand cleared in Ukraine for the benefit of civil protection objects from airstrikes.

You can find the closest location on the map in the “Diya” post. With this help, you can get directions to the nearest safe place, look at information, admire photos and rate the city, and also get rid of your money, so close it in the hour of renewed anxiety, or your mind is in the dark of troubles Ilni.

“Points of inviolability.” It's light and warm in the blackout

Last winter, due to Russian attacks on critical infrastructure, Ukrainians had to endure the ordeals of power outages, water outages and scorching. During blackouts, “Non-breaking Points” were organized in all places with generators, Internet access, scorching, first aid supplies, drinking water.

At the end of the day, they flared up over 13 Thousands of “Points of Inviolability” , you can also find them on the interactive map in “Dia”. In the face of large-scale problems with infrastructure and blackouts, the system of ZSU and valuable software can be avoided.

Photo: Non-breaking Point (Getty Images)

Help for displaced people . Payments will not be for everyone

Close to 5 million people in Ukraine became displaced as a result of the war. Internally displaced persons (IDPs), who did not live outside the borders, will pay 2000 in aid from the state in the amount of 2 thousand. UAH for adults, or 3 thousand. UAH – for children and people with disabilities.

All categories of higher education, which are not eligible for payments, will be withdrawn until January 1, 2024. I will help you to recognize the term in favor of singing minds. Automatic payments will continue to the most eligible categories: pensioners, people with disabilities, orphans.

The report on the change in rules can be found in the material.

In this case, the payment program should be expanded for Ukrainians who are returning from behind the border and have not yet managed to settle down in Ukraine, and also do not have the power to earn income. Such categories of assistance from the state will be covered for 6 months.

Photo: rules for payments to displaced persons change 1 month (Getty Images)

Significantly, following data from the UN Agency On the right of refugees (UNHCR), approximately 6.5 million refugees from Ukraine are searching for persecution around the world.

The organization has conducted internment among Ukrainian refugees behind the cordon, and perhaps two-thirds of them plan to return home in the near future. The main factor affecting this situation, respondents named the lack of security in the country.

Relocation to business. Enterprises take over foreign regions

Through the war, hundreds of enterprises from the territory of the fighting moved to safer regions to continue their activities.

Since the first years of the large-scale invasion, a relocation program has been launched to ensure that business can be generated from the affected regions. According to the data for the fall of 2023, the program has completed 840 enterprises, of which 667 have begun to operate in a new location.

Relocation of viral labor is possible in one of 14 regions: Transcarpathia ka, Ivano-Frankivska, Lviv, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Chernivetska, Vinnytska, Volynska, Rivnenska, Kirovogradska, Cherkaska, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev (Crimea of ​​Kiev) regions.

Photo: business relocation in foreign regions (Getty Images)

The most popular regions for relocation have become Lviv, Zakarpattia, Chernivetska, Ivano-Frankivsk regions. The leader is the Lviv region, where 199 enterprises have moved.

New realities of light. Online lessons and underground schools

During the war, Ukrainian lessons are being taught in a hybrid format – lessons can often be held in classrooms and remotely.

Offline learning is only possible due to the obvious presence of a raided shelter near the school, where students descend in times of alarm.

In regions where there is a threat of shelling Highly close to the combat zone, children learn online. Then Kharkov found a solution to ensure the lighting process. There is a school in the metro here.

There were 60 classes for local schoolchildren in the underground. The offices were soundproofed, with proper air circulation and lighting. The children start at two shifts.

Photo: underground school near Kharkov (Getty Images)

According to the words of the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov, underground schools plan to open in every area of ​​the city. There will already be a small school in the Industrial district. The underground school will also continue to operate in the village of Korotich near Kharkov for 500 people. There will be a number of premises, sanitary rooms, three exits, and will be equipped with an autonomous power supply.

The plan to open underground schools until the new beginning has been announced in Zaporizhzhia. Having designated the OVA chief Ivan Fedorov, by June 1, 2024 they plan to open over 50 schools with shelters, as well as establish underground schools in two or three locations.

Market place. Personnel shortage and “tender” professions

During the hour of market war, businesses in Ukraine faced a wealth of demands, the main one of which became a shortage of personnel. Migration of the population and mobilization of people have led to a “staff shortage.” In many areas, the great wine will rely on qualified medics, as well as representatives of industrial specialties.

The State Employment Service noted that the most employers are looking for qualified robot workers with tools (weaver, electrician, plumber, electrician, baker, painter), robot workers with maintenance , operation of installations and machines (driver, lathe operator, boiler room operator/driver, tractor driver, vodiy navantazhuvacha too).

On the search portal, Work.ua robots also mentioned the difficulty of obtaining facists in the work professions.

Photo: women are adopting “men” professions (Getty Images)

At the same time, a trend has appeared in the market for women to practice in the plantings that are traditionally respected by “men”. Ukraine is expanding the professions of boiler room operators, machinists, tractor drivers, public transport drivers, etc.

Housing and utilities tariffs. There is no moratorium, but payments may be increased

Most utility tariffs in Ukraine will become permanent due to the onset of a large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. The virtuousness of low-ranking servants was evident even before the start of the war.

The order has ordered a moratorium on increases in utility tariffs during the war period and for another 6 months after its end.

Payments have been “frozen” services of centralized burning, supply of hot water and gas. The difference in tariffs of the postal company is compensated by the state.

Currently, the tariff for electricity has doubled since last summer – up to 2.64 UAH/kW-year. The price of gas supply for most Ukrainians, including clients of NJSC Naftogaz, is still at the pre-war level (7.96 UAH/cub.m.), but after the end of the heating season, the price may increase.

Photo: tariffs for gas and water are planned to be raised (Vitaliy Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Also, the availability of cold water supplies may never increase. The National Commission for Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NKREKP) has tried several times to no avail to approve new tariffs for water utilities, through increased prices for electricity, which is also a warehouse tariff.

To the butt, in Kiev they want to raise the water tariff from 1 kWh to 40.77 UAH per cubic meter (at the rate of 30.38 UAH/cub.m). NKREKP plans to address this issue at upcoming meetings.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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