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Two TCC ex-workers will be tried in the Lviv region in the case of torture and illegal detention of citizens

One of them is charged with illegal deprivation of liberty and torture, and the other with inaction of the military authorities.

Two TCC extruders will be tried in the case of torture and illegal detention in the Lviv region</p>
<p> Lviv Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the field of defense of the Western region sent to court an indictment against two former servicemen of the Sambir regional territorial center for recruitment and social support.</p>
<p>The Office of the Prosecutor General reports this. </p>
<p>One of them is charged with illegal deprivation human freedom and torture (part 2 of article 146, part 1 of article 127 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), and to the other – inaction of the military authorities (4 article 426 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).</p>
<p>The investigation established that those accused of In September 2023, four people liable for military service were illegally detained for several days, and they tried to force them to undergo a military medical commission and mobilize into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They locked the men in a room, threatened, intimidated and beat them. </p>
<p>It has been established that these men were detained the day before by border guards for attempting to illegally cross the border with Poland. They were taken to the military registration and enlistment office for military registration. The fact of potential flight from Ukraine during the war caused aggression among the military. </p>
<p>Currently, the accused are under night house arrest. </p>
<p>Subsequently, the NAPC discovered that the Sambir military commissar owned a lot of real estate that could not be purchased with official income. The difference between expenses and income is more than 4.4 million UAH.</p>
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