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Ukraine and Poland have shouted down a Russian agent who was preparing to attack Zelensky

Ukrainian and Polish intelligence services were able to identify and capture a Russian agent who assisted prepare for a possible swing at President Volodymyr Zelensky.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message to the Security Service of Ukraine.

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The plan of the citizen of Poland will be the collection and transfer of information about the security of the Rzeszow-Jasen airport to Russia ka. It is not enough, however, to help the Russian special services plan a possible attack on the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the hour of his visit to the territory of Poland.

SBU intelligence officers and Ukrainian prosecutors informed their Polish colleagues about a possible coup and handed them key evidence from their authorities. This was carried out within the framework of international legal assistance.

They detained

A recruited agent of the Russian intelligence services was identified and detained on the territory of Poland.

The Polish prosecutor's office accused me of “readiness to act at the expense of a foreign intelligence service.” Today, after the troubles of the Polish prosecutor's office, the District Court of Warsaw has stopped the criminal from looking for a way out under the war.

Investigation to be carried out by the Internal Security Agency under the supervision of the National ї Prosecutor's Office of Poland.

Not the first to try to take aim at Zelensky

At the end of the last year in the Mykolayiv region, Russia’s comrade-in-arms was being watched, as it was preparing a move against President Zelensky.

A recent representative of the State Department, Matthew Miller, said that the United States is on guard against spyware and intelligence activities. F in Ukraine and support our state's strong attraction to the extent that people are preparing to make moves on the edge.

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