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Ukraine can win and restore its territorial integrity – head of the Bulgarian Defense Ministry

Todor Tagarev noted that the Bulgarian defense industry “works 24 hours a day, seven days a week” to provide assistance to Ukraine.

Ukraine can win and restore its territorial integrity, &ndash> head </p>
<p>Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev believes that Ukraine can win the war against Russia. </p>
<p>He said this in an interview with Voice of America. </p>
<p>Tagarev said that Bulgaria is supplying Ukraine with Soviet-era weapons systems that are in working order because the Ukrainian military is familiar with them and their operation does not require additional training.</p>
<p>What is more important is the production of ammunition, small arms weapons and light weapons in Bulgaria. This is an area of ​​production in which Bulgaria specialized during Soviet times, and this specialization has been maintained for many years. The defense industry operates 24/7, and a significant portion of this production goes to Ukraine directly or through third parties,” Tagarev said.</p>
<p>The minister noted that Bulgaria intends to continue producing ammunition according to Soviet standards in the near future, but is also working on the transition to NATO standards – both weapons are in high demand in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.</p>
<p>In addition to supplies, Bulgaria also provides Kyiv with other types of assistance, including training of military personnel and teaching foreign languages. </p>
<p>At Ukraine's request, we have committed to training one infantry company at a time, but this could mean several companies a year. We can do this, and we also suggested that Ukraine train, for example, military doctors,” said Tagarev.</p>
<p>The Minister emphasized that, despite changes in the government in Bulgaria, the country’s parliament retains an overwhelming majority of supporters of Euro-Atlantic policy Sofia, which, in particular, means supporting the security of Ukraine and resolving the military conflict within the framework of international norms.</p>
<p>I believe that Ukraine can win. It can restore its territorial integrity with constant support from democratic countries, including political, financial and not least military support,” Tagarev said.</p>
<p>He added that what Ukraine really needs is this is air power to eliminate Russia's advantage in the skies, and to support troops when it is ready to resume offensive operations.</p>
<p>“If Putin is allowed to achieve even part of his goal, it will mean increased security risks for Europe especially for the countries of NATO's eastern flank, one of which is Bulgaria. Therefore, <b>it is in our strategic interests for Ukraine to withstand Russian aggression and restore territorial integrity</b>,” Tagarev said.</p>
<p>Recall that today President Zelensky held an online meeting with the leaders of the Bulgarian parliamentary coalition. The parties discussed general security in Europe. The President thanked the coalition leaders for understanding that Russian aggression poses a threat to the happiness and well-being of all European nations.</p>
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