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Ukraine has refused permission for certain partners to attack the Russian Federation with an approaching armor, – Ministry of Health of Latvia

The foreign partners have already handed over to Ukraine the formation of the territory of the Russian Federation.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Baiba Brazhe, RBC-Ukraine reports from the European Pravda interview.

For these words, the foreign partners convey to Ukraine I'll quit homeownership , that they will not resort to attacks on the territory of Russia. But in Brazhe’s opinion, this approach may change, and more importantly, it is important that they are already changing.

The journalist’s response to the countries that allowed Ukraine to attack the territory of Russia was commendable.

“The countries that have already allowed Ukraine to be destroyed, without such restrictions,” said the head of the Ministry of Health Latvia.< /p>

At the same time, she said that this is not the information that should be announced publicly.

“Obviously, not everyone is announced publicly, and it’s better not to say it out loud until the hour of singing. on the battlefield. There’s a choice here: either talk about it loudly or just do what you need,” said Brazhe.

What was blowing

In 2024, Russia began a large-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine. It is also important that the closing edges were built in Ukraine in order to withstand the fireplaces. One of the reasons for the transfer of military technology and missiles was the mind – Ukraine cannot use them for attacks on the territory of Russia.

At the same time in 2023, the former Secretary of the RNBO Oleksia Danilov stated that The region does not have a fence against the Russian Federation due to the protection of the Vlasny virobnitstva.

“We have a home with partners who do not rely on their armor for attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation, so that they are not called to account before the war, as the Russian Federation has unleashed, but they do not rely on the armor, as ours Military-industrial complex,” saying Todi Danilov.

And in the bitter 2024, Ins Stoltenberg, in one of his interviews, stated that Ukraine has the right to launch strikes on “Russian military targets outside Ukraine” national law. Having said that the Ukrainian partner of Ukraine itself is likely to face a threat of exchange until the end of this formation.

So, since the beginning of 2024, attacks on oil refineries have become more frequent in Russia. As RBC-Ukraine wrote more than once, these attacks were often a special operation of the Ukrainian military.

Such attacks on oil refineries were also reported by Ukrainian partners. Even in the region, they were afraid that rising prices for gasoline on the international market could lead to an intensified conflict.

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