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Ukraine is preparing to withdraw the first batch of ammunition that the Czech Republic has acquired for the ZSU

The Ukrainian military is going to withdraw the first party from the hundred thousand 155th m of artillery shells within the framework of international zusil in search of ammunition.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, Jan Iresh, RBC-Ukraine reported on Bloomberg.

Ukraine can recover the first rounds of several decades of ammunition within the framework of this initiative, in which the Czech Republic acts as an intermediary, which connects the orders that will finance the purchase I will fire new 155-mm shells in third countries.

Having said, What is the low number of European countries and participants in this initiative. He did not specify which countries are financing the purchases or whose stocks are being purchased, but rather saying that supplies will most likely be released after their arrival.

“Initiative of the Czech Republic – this one way to demonstrate that we really care , and not expecting what will happen on the “pagorbi,” said Iresh.

US Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth recently announced that national enterprises, equipped with contractors, are on track to increase the production of 155-mm shells to approximately 36,000 per month. but from kvitnya from 28,000 per month to zhovten.

Czech initiative < p>Previously, it became known that the Czech Republic had acquired 800 thousand artillery shells of 155 and 122 millimeters caliber for Ukraine. In the coming decades, they may be sent to the Ukrainian army.

And recently, France and the Netherlands have proposed a plan to purchase ammunition outside Europe in order to quickly deliver urgently needed military equipment Iku to Ukraine. It is expected that the proposal will be concentrated on the cob of birch.

And the Netherlands informed about the allocation of over 100 million euros to Ukraine for the Czech initiative to purchase artillery shells for between the EU.

Belgium also saw 200 million euros for the Czech initiative for the purchase of artillery ammunition, which Ukraine urgently requires.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram .

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