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Ukraine is under a massive blow: what do you know?

Russian troops began shelling massively after the evening attack by the Shaheeds and Ukraine with strategic aviation. We know about the “flying” of missiles in Kharkov, and in Lvov about the presence of drones, and there were also noises in Kiev and the Dnieper.

RBC-Ukraine in the material below has collected everything that is known about the massive attack on the whole.< /p> Briefly about the firebrand

  • In Odessa, late in the evening, as a result of the “Shaheds” attack, one of the many surfaces was damaged. The fire was liquidated.
  • The Lviv region was attacked by at least 10 Shaheeds. A fire at a critical infrastructure site near Lviv.
  • Kharkov stumbled under the blow. The Russians attacked with two types of missiles – S-300 and Kh-22. At the same time, it is known that there are at least 8 inflows in the area, and there are problems with the supply of electricity for transport. The vibrations in Kharkov are trembling.
  • The Sumy region is facing a missile attack on Konotop. We know about three people who were injured, a lot of apartment buildings and a car service station were damaged. The car caught fire.
  • In Kiev, Dnieper, and Odessa, the vibuhas are mooning.

The attack of the Russians with winged missiles will continue. There is concern throughout the country.

Photo: map of the current alarms at 07:52

What we know about the inheritance of


In Kiev after the Vibukh measures Vitaliy Klitschko informed about the intensive work of the PPO.

According to the KMVA data, a decline in ulama was also recorded in the Podilsky and Svyatoshinsky districts of the capital. In advance, there is a burning of the rich living room on top of the booth. Information is being clarified.

Yearly Klitschko informed that a warehouse was burning in the Podilsky district. And the KMVA informed about the wounded.


Previously, Kharkiv was fired at by two types of missiles – S-300 and Kh-22. We know about three attacks on the place, which massively shelled the occupiers.

In the future, there are flows in the Kiev and Kholodnogirsk regions, but the information is being clarified. There are also ongoing problems with the supply of electricity to transport. Also, trolleybuses on autonomous running have started to work.

According to the words of Volodymyr Timoshk, head of the GUNP of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, in the Kharkov occupancy they damaged the health care center in the Kiev region.


< p>Near the Dnieper they reported low vibrations. According to ZMI, during the attack, several areas of the city began to burn, and one of the shopping centers was also on fire.


Near the Sumy region there was a missile attack on Konotop.

As a result of the shelling, three people were injured, a large apartment building and a service station were damaged. The car caught fire.


Even before the late evening attack, 10 “Shaheds” attacked the Lviv region. As a result, there was a fire at a critical infrastructure facility near Lviv.

Later, just before the hour of the missile attack, Lvov’s bruises popped.

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