• 28/05/2024 18:52

Ukraine may be beaten behind the front line: Norway commends the F-16 from the latest armored vehicles

The coalition of the guilty will transfer to Ukraine “the strength” of F-16 pilots. The tanks will be equipped with the latest armor and will be able to fight behind the front line.

As stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Espen Bart Eide, RBC-Ukraine has been sent to a full briefing with the head of the MZS Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

“I believe that Ukraine can exploit its strike potential by delivering strikes behind the front line. And this is one of the reasons why we are determined to reach the coalition with the F-16, where we will transfer the Norwegian F- 16, as updated “We are in good shape,” he said.

In his words, Norway, together with their Danish and Dutch colleagues, will train Ukrainian pilots. “And, perhaps, there will be more long-range impact possibilities, which are even more important for Ukraine,” he added.

RBC-Ukraine’s food supply includes a number of fighters, Norway is working on infectious diseases Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Receiving Kingdom.

“The quantity will be significant there. If you eat how much you will be in Norway (F-16- ed.), I can’t tell you the exact quantity, because there is also and flights such as updates, in short combat form, and parts of the fuselage that can be repaired, including. I will be careful here. I won’t say exactly how much,” he said. view in defense and knows that the F-16 is a very heavy platform and everything depends on its equipment.

“Besides, the technological platform has already been pushed through, and the main one is a built-in system that can be hung on the platform. Therefore At the same time, as the system will be satisfied with significant contributions. Therefore, the fees that will be in the current state will be from the newest additions,” the minister added.

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