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Ukraine switches to daylight saving time at night: when to change the year dates

| -Ukraine recognizes which way to move the arrows of the year and why Ukraine should work.

The transition to winter and summer hours is scheduled until the Cabinet of Ministers decides in Ukraine 1996 rock “About the procedure for calculating time on the territory of Ukraine” .

When translating the anniversary dates

In the last week of birth, about the 3rd anniversary, the anniversary arrow is moved 1 year forward, in the remaining week of the year – about 4 years, 1 year ago.

It is time to translate the anniversary dates

The transition to summer and winter hours is a historical period when energy conservation was an important task for wealthy countries. This practice is small in the attempt to change existing electrical systems by optimizing the use of natural light.

It was important that the transition to daylight saving time allows people to use more light after working hours, so I will need this method for individually brightened evenings.

As explained in the Ministry of Economics, the introduction of daylight saving time is a common international practice. In the EU, according to the decision of 2001, it is likely that in the countries of the EU the transition to summer time from the end of winter and to winter time – at the end of winter is prohibited.

“The hour of winter in Ukraine, є natural for the territory of our state , and this corresponds to the geographical position, and during the rest of the week, the summer season will be carried out during the rest of the week with the method of effective reduction of the light part of the product,” they said in the Ministry. ministry.

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