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Ukrainian drones complicate the logistics of Russian troops: ISW battle maps

Russian and Ukrainian armies are conducting military operations along the entire front line. Occupiers say that drones and ZSU artillery complicate logistics for Russians in the Donetsk region.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its communications to the Institute of Warfare (ISW).

The situation in the Kharkiv and Lugansk regions

Russian bloggers asserted that the Russian Federation military had acquired unimportant positions on the way out of Bilogorivka in the Lugansk region (on the day before Kreminna) and popped up at the end of Kreminno and near Makiyivka, although ISW did not find any visual evidence of this claim.

Positional battles began to descend from Kup'ianska in the area of ​​Sinkivka and Petropavlivka; for an early sunset from Kreminna Biel Ploshchanka and Makiivka; at the entrance from Kreminna Biel Terniv, Yampolivka, Torskogo; on a daily basis from Kreminna Biel, Dibrova, on a daily basis from Grigorivka; and for the day in the Cream of Bilogorivka.

Ukrainian officials will continue to assume that the Russian armies are preparing to resume offensive actions in Kupyansky and Limansky directly, most likely, at the end of the day or at the beginning of the year 2024 y.

Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration of Ukraine Oleg Sinegubov, stating that Russian shelling on the Kup'yansky direct line over the last three years has changed to two to five per day.

Having added that the Ukrainian forces were able to launch renewed Russian assaults on the Kupyansky direct, persistent sub-zero temperatures froze the fields and soil in this area.

Battles near the Donetsk region

On the 17th day there were positional battles near Bakhmut, and there were no confirmed changes to the front in this area. The Ukrainian and Russian forces insisted that the positional military actions were about to descend from Bakhmut near Vesely, Bilogorivka and Spirnoy; bіlya Rozdolivka; bіlya Grigorivka and Bogdanivka; near Khromovy and Ivanivsky; from Klischivka and Andriivka.

On the 17th day, positional combat operations near Avdiivka continued, but there was no confirmation of changes to the front on this front. Positional battles took place near Novokalinovo, Novobakhmutivka and Stepovo; from the Avdiivsky Coke and Chemical Plant, from Kamyanka, Severny, Pervomaisky and Nevelsky.

The head of the Donetsk regional military administration of Ukraine, Vadim Filashkin, stated that since the beginning of 2024, Russian troops dropped 250 planned bombs on Avdiivka, compared to 149 for the entire 2023.

Ukrainian and Russian officials said that positional military operations were on the way out from the city of Donetsk near Krasnogorivka and Mar'inka and on a late afternoon approach to Donetsk near Georgiyivka and Novomikhaylivka.

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that Ukrainian drones and artillery to complicate the logistics of Russia, and to interconnect the flow of Russian transport routes.

“Everything is perfect”

On the 17th of today, positional combat operations took place in the border area of ​​the Donetsk-Zaporizia region, but no confirmation of changes in the front line was recorded in this area. Fights took place on the day before Vugledar, on the day before Novodonetskoy, on the way out of Staromlinivka and Bilya Urozhainy.

Fights also took place at the end of the Zaporizka region, a siege near Pyatikhatki, Kopan i, Robotiny, Verbovoy and Novoprokopivka.< /p>

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that the Russian military recently concentrated artillery and air activity in the front-line areas, and also launched strikes in the civilian areas of Kirovograd, Kharkov and Dnipropetrovsk many regions. ISW is alerting to a recent increase in the number of strikes by Shahed drones on Ukrainian positions on the front line.

Ukrainian troops are withdrawing positions on the descending (left) birch in the Kherson region due to the continuation of positional combat operations on the 17th, in addition to confirmation of changes in the front line on This activity has not been recorded. Positional battles took place near Krinki.

Russian waters have hardened that the Dnieper River has frozen over in many villages, making the crossing difficult.

Occupation official of the Zaporizhzhya region Volodymyr Rogov stated on 17 today that the Russian PPO is not It hit two Storm Shadow missiles Popivki in the area of ​​the Chongarsky bridge, which gives the Kherson region the occupation of Crimea. ISW cannot confirm Rogov's statement.

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